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  Interview: 80 Days Around The World stars
Updated 26 June 2004, 11.13
Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan
Newsround's Adam chatted to the stars of 80 Days Around The World, Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan.

They told him all about their stunts, costumes and sweating on set.

What were your best bits of making the film?
Steve: The best parts about making the film were when we were in Thailand, watching Jackie doing his fight scenes, doing comedy scenes, doing love scenes - the falling in love - that was fun to play.

Do you do all your own stunts?
Jackie: Yes, I do. I love to do those things - I've been doing stunts for years and also I choreograph them for myself. I know how far I can go so some of the things I cannot do, I don't choreograph.

Did you hurt yourself?
Jackie: Always. I'm lucky in this film, nothing broken, but hurting myself all the time. I burnt my hand a lot on the rope of the balloon. I hurt my back, my shoulder, my elbow, but these are normal things for me as an action star.

Steve, what were the worst things about making the film?
Steve: The heat. Jackie wore a lot of clothes that were oriental and cooling. But the heat in Thailand was intense and I was wearing a three-piece suit made of tweed with a waistcoat, a shirt and a jacket and a coat and a hat and the sweat would just be pouring off you and that was the only hardship. But really, if there's a choice between being in rainy Britain or super-sophisticated Thailand working with wonderful people - it wasn't that much of a hardship, just the weather.

If you'd been around in the 1800s would you have been as forward-thinking as Philias Fogg?
Steve: I don't think I would. I think Philias Fog was a much more noble man than me. I wouldn't have been able to think of the inventions he did, or been capable of them, but I think I would have looked to the future like he does in the movie. He's someone that sees the 20th Century before it happens. That's the wonderful thing about hindsight, when you're making a film like this, unlike the book which was written in 1880. You can have Philias Fogg actually foresee the inventions of the future.

Have you both read the book?
Jackie: I read the book and saw the movie. I just wanted to know the background.
Steve: I read the book, but only because I got the part.

Which invention could you not live without?
Steve: The toilet system. I'm glad we don't have to dig holes in the ground anymore.
Jackie: I think medicine.

Would you two like to travel the world?
Steve: We sort of did travel the world - the only place I haven't been that I'd like to go to is New Zealand or Australia.
Jackie: I've travelled halfway round the world, but I want to go to small places like Jamaica and I want a stamp on my passport from every place to prove I've been there.

Do either of you have any adventure travel stories of your own?
Steve: The only one I have is being stuck in the middle of Dartmoor when I ran out of petrol in the middle of the night and I had to sleep in the car. It was too dark to go anywhere so I had to get a blanket out of the trunk and wrap myself up in it - I was stuck there. It was raining all night and at about 6am I had to go to a farmhouse and ask someone to take me to get some petrol. That's the only time really.
Jackie: Too many! The worst thing was in South Africa and we got lost in the mountains. There was no light - we followed the stars and we stopped at a village and it was very dangerous there - about six hours later we got home and it was really scary.

Jackie, I read that Steve taught you some English?
Jackie: Yeah - horizon.
Steve: I taught you other stuff too, I taught you the word reciprocate...

Steve, did you learn anything from Jackie?
Steve: I learnt a bit about physical comedy from Jackie. When there were action scenes in the movie, which there were a lot, Jackie would teach me lots of little things that I could do. When he would involve me in the fight he'd give me something funny to do. There's a lot of physical comedy in the film and a lot of adventure and excitement and the whole experience was a learning one for me.

You can watch the full interview with Steve Coogan and Jackie Chan on Newsround Showbiz. The programme is on the CBBC channel on Saturdays and Sundays at 9.50am and 3.50pm.

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