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  Summer 2004 Film Preview
Updated 03 June 2004, 17.57
Scene from Shrek 2
Newsround's Adam Fleming takes a look at the hot flicks hitting our screens this summer.

Shrek 2 Out 2 July
Will it be happy ever after for newlyweds
Scene from Shrek 2
Shrek and Princess Fiona? All the fairytale favourites from the first film are back, but new character Puss in Boots (played by Antonio Banderas from Spy Kids) steals the show.
The animated sequel has been the biggest film of the Summer so far in the US.

Spider-Man 2 Out 15 July
This summer's other big sequel. Web-slinging Spidey is back in action.
Spider-Man 2
He gets dumped by his girlfriend and has to face a new villain called Doc Ock - a mad scientist with giant metal tentacles.
Critics say it is better than the first movie and there's a great chase scene on top of an underground train.
The only movie that can beat Shrek.

Thunderbirds Out 23 July
Another TV fave gets the remake treatment.
There are no puppets this time because it's all live action.
The Tracey boys have to face the mysterious Hood who is trying to take over the world.
It might struggle at the box office because it hasn't got any big names in it - although Thunderbirds 1,2,3,4 and 5 are the real stars.

King Arthur Out 30 July
The legend of the Knights of the Round Table... Hollywood-style.
Scene from King Arthur
Kiera Knightley stars as Guinevere, but it isn't like any version of the story you've heard: Merlin isn't even a wizard!
It's from the writer of Gladiator and the Producer of Pirates of the Caribbean so the battles will be big.
Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd - who plays Lancelot - could be the new Orlando Bloom.

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