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  Fans say yes to Rupert's new hair
Updated 31 May 2004, 17.54
Rupert's new haircut is popular with fans
It's the issue that's got all Potter fans talking, no, not whether the actors will carry on, but what's going on with Rupert Grint's hair?

He's turned up both the premieres of the latest films looking more like a rock star than a wannabe wizard.

Thousands of you have voted on the new shaggy hairstyle on our website, and at the premiere Lizo told him the result.

"Oh yeah, that's good," Rupert said when told more than half the votes were in favour of it, before adding "cool".

He looks more like one of The Strokes than an actor
He looks more like one of The Strokes than an actor
So far almost 20,000 people have had their say on the hair, with around 53% liking the new look.

Lizo also grabbed a few words with the other young stars of the film, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe.

Emma told him her favourite scene was when she got to punch Draco Malfoy although she admitted she was really worried about hurting actor Tom Felton.

Daniel told Lizo he was looking forward to making the next film, but especially the scenes inside the maze and the graveyard towards the end of the film.

Hear storyHear story

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