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  Screams and showers at Potter premiere
Updated 30 May 2004, 21.28
Dan chatted happily to the world's media
Cold, rain, wind... does anything put those Harry Potter fans off?

Not bloomin' likely when it's the European premiere of the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Clare Youell reports for CBBC Newsround Online.

"We want Dan, we want Dan, we want Dan....."

The chanting started literally HOURS before the boy wonder and his co-stars arrived.

The inflatable Aunt Marge's
Many fans arrived at the Odeon in Leicester Square, London, at midnight the day before the premiere started to make sure they got the best view of Dan, Rupert, Emma, Tom... need I go on?

As far as the eye could see there were hordes of Harry fans, wearing Hogwarts' scarves, waving banners, scrawling the name of their fave Potter boy on their face with marker pens.

The front of the Odeon was turned into a shrine to the Potter stars, complete with an enormous Dementor's claw poking around the top tower. Ooooh!

And above the crowd pens were about 20 giant inflatable Aunt Marge's, bobbing merrily in the breeze.

This was the Potter event of the year and the fans were determined to enjoy it.

Weasley hair

After hours of waiting, the early bird fans were rewarded when the actors started to arrive.

Harry Melling, aka Dudley Dursley
First up was Chris Rankin, aka Percy Weasley, sporting a smart suit, mad shoes and very long hair. (What IS it with those Weasley boys?)

Then came Harry Melling who plays Dudley Dursley, followed by Weasley twins actors George and Oliver Phelps (also with long hair...) and Sir Michael Gambon who's the new Dumbledore.

The crowd went crazy. The actors were pushed and pulled between fans, reporters, TV crews and security as they walked down the red carpet.

Prof Lupin

Then it started to rain. Hard.

But did anyone care? No way.

The fans screamed louder than ever, and the only thing that changed was that the actors were being sheltered with umbrellas by their public relations people.

Is David Thewlis hoping it's a full moon??
Then came Devon Murray (Seamus), Matt Lewis (Neville), Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon), Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) and Alan Rickman (Snape). Tom Felton was there too in a cool white suit but minus Draco's trademark bleached blonde locks. (Tom famously shaves his hair at the end of filming to get rid of the Malfoy mullet.)

And there's David Thewlis, who plays the wonderful Professor Lupin. Good job there's not a full moon...

The crowd could hardly contain themselves as the actors continued to stop to sign autographs, pose for pictures, or just to say hello!



Emma Watson (Hermione) was spotted getting out of a car. Then Rupert Grint (Ron) arrived just minutes later. Was this clever timing?

Rupert Grint
Emma, who looked stunning in a long burgundy dress with her hair put up, ran around the carpet, waving and grinning and looking like she loved every minute of it.

Rupert was slightly less manic, but with a huge grin on his face. Dressed casually in jeans and a black blazer, the ginger star chatted away and showed no signs of cutting his new trademark mop of hair.

JK Rowling herself appeared too, wearing a lovely green dress and looking happy.

Gary Oldman plays Sirius Black
Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron arrived too and answered questions over and over again about why he had made this movie different and darker than the first two.

A very dapper Gary Oldman arrived too, looking a million miles away from his stressed-out, straggly character of Sirius Black.

Dan stole the show

And then, as if by magic, Dan Radcliffe appeared.

The fans go crazy for Dan Radcliffe
Dan wore a smart black suite and crisp white shirt, and talked animatedly to everyone he could. The boy who is one of the world's most famous teenagers appeared markedly more comfortable with the attention than he did back in 2001 at the Philosopher's Stone premiere.

He chatted easily to the world's press and did not seem overly fazed by the fact that thousands of people (mainly girls) were literally screeching his name for over an hour.

Dan easily stole the show. And that's no mean feat when you're surrounded by the cream of the British acting profession like Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman and Michael Gambon.

But Dan did it. He appeared friendly, sweet and charming. For millions of people, this is the person who bought Harry Potter to life.

And to his credit, Dan does not appear to have let any of this go to his head.

Has someone asked about Dan those Harry dying rumours again? He looks serious...
Dan, along with Rupert and Emma, spent well over an hour outside the cinema, most of it in the rain, signing autographs and meeting their fans. They actually seemed reluctant to go indoors.

But eventually they did, and the premiere screening started.

Many fans too, were reluctant to go home and stayed outside hoping for another glimpse of their Harry heroes.

Lots of fans, who ranged from little kids to adults, were gossiping about the next big thing, which was actually seeing the Prisoner of Azkaban, starting on Monday 31 May.

"It's going to be the best film in the whole world ever!!" one fan sighed.

You could well be right!

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