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  The normal life of a teenage superstar!
Updated 28 May 2004, 18.08

Apart from being the most famous schoolgirl on the planet, life is pretty normal for Emma Watson, who plays Hermione.

Homework, boys, oh, and starring in a major blockbuster! Life is good for Emma. Lizo finds out what famous teenagers get up too.

Lizo: What do you think of the film?

Emma: There has always been so much pressure from the start, I just hope that the third film has done justice to the book, and I have done justice to Hermione, because it's my favourite book.

Lizo: What's it like being the most famous schoolgirl on the planet?

Emma: I don't really feel like that. It feels like I am famous for about two days and then it goes back to being me again.

Lizo: Do you get to have a normal childhood, do all that teenage stuff?

Emma: Yes, I do definitely. When I'm not filming I go back to school, I see my friends. I get to do normal teenage stuff again.

Lizo: What is a typical normal weekend?

Emma: Well, when I'm not filming, sometimes I have some homework to do, I see my friends.

Lizo: In this movie, apart from the glorious moment you get to punch Malfoy, what is the favourite bits for you?

Emma: Apart from that. I was privileged that I got to work with people like David Thwelis, Gary Oldman, Timothy Spall, Emma Thompson, all these fantastic actors and actresses. And I had a great time doing that.

Also, the last scene in the Shrieking Shack really challenged me. So I had a good time doing that.

Lizo: Now the whole Ron and Hermione thing seems to be hotting up in this movie?

Emma: Yes it does! On the outside they spend the whole film arguing because Ron is convinced that Hermione's cat, Crookshank's, has eaten his rat. But I think it's a bit of a cover-up really, because they have a soft spot for each other. You always tease the ones you like!

Lizo: Do you think they are well suited?

Emma: NO! They are completely not suited. But that is what makes them so sweet, I guess.

Lizo: What were the other good bits? What was it like working with Crookshank's? Was it a real cat?

Emma: I loved working with that cat, he's so cute. He looks like he has been smashed in the face with a pan. He's so ugly, bless! But I love him, he's lovely and fluffy.

Lizo: How did Rupert and Dan get on with him?

Emma: They were just mean to him, they were just teasing him all the time.

L: Did you protect him?

Emma: Of course.

Lizo: What was it like working with Alfonso, how different was it to working with Chris?

Emma: I suppose he has different style and techniques, different ways of doing things.

Lizo: Are you still having fun?

Emma: I still am really enjoying it!

Lizo: Have you met the actor playing Victor Crum?

Emma: I have, he is really nice actually. He's good fun.

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