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  NR speaks to the stars of Shrek 2
Updated 15 May 2004, 12.43
Scene from Shrek I
NR Showbiz. Rachel went to Cannes to chat to the stars. She interviewed Shrek 2 stars Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy.

She got the goss on what it's like messing around with fairy tales and why making an animated film is so good.

So, without giving too much away, do Shrek and Princess Fiona live happily ever after?

Cameron: What is happily ever after? That's my question. Life is continuously facing a new challenge, a new way of getting through. These two characters decided to do it together. They're on a constant journey together.

On Princess Fiona's wall there's a picture of Prince Justin that looks like Justin Timberlake (Cameron's real-life boyfriend)...

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
Cameron: I didn't know anything about that at first, but it's hilarious.

Which do you prefer - animation or acting live?

Mike: I like to be employed! On the first Shrek I had a hard time with it. I'm used to having make-up, running round, using a lot of physical energy.

But then I thought: 'This is fun.' I enjoyed thinking about stuff, and I grew to like it.

Were there less perks than on a live set?

Cameron: We only had to show up for a couple of hours over a few years! (We think she's joking.)

What do your kids think about you being in Shrek?

Eddie: Even if I wasn't in it, my kids would love Shrek!

Shrek messes around with fairy tales. Do you think that's OK?

Cameron: Absolutely. Those fairy tales have run out. This is a modern fairytale which is allowing people to see where we are right now. It allows kids to know you have to love and accept yourself before others. No Prince Charming is going to give you that.

There are rumours of a Shrek 3 and 4. Would you do them?

Eddie: Absolutely. I look forward to it. I love these characters. I love this movie. I'd do 10 of them!

You can catch the full Shrek interviews on Newsround Showbiz on Sunday at 9.50am and 3.50pm on the CBBC channel.

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