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  Rupert reveals his Azkaban antics
Updated 14 May 2004, 15.08
Emma Watson (Hermione), Dan Radcliffe (Harry) and Rupert Grint (Ron)
Rupert Grint has told Nickelodeon magazine that he loves watching himself in the first two Harry Potter films.

Whereas Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson can't bear to see themselves, Rupert told the magazine he loves it.

The trio have also talked about how they spent their time in-between scenes for Prisoner of Azkaban, out on 4 June.

While Emma has a table tennis table in her room, Rupert has a pool table and darts board. But he and Dan tried to make a crazy golf course too!

"We made a six-foot windmill out of these massive cardboard boxes and it looked really good," he said in the interview.

"We had plans to expand it out to the main studio, but it never really got past one hole," he said.

Filming on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry has 'murderous thoughts' towards Sirius
Rupert also told the magazine that his favourite scenes to film in the Prisoner of Azkaban were at the Whomping Willow.

"I was supposedly being dragged along by a dog, but this guy was pulling me along the set."

His other fave shots were in Defence Against the Dark Arts when Professor Snape is dressed as a woman, which he found "very funny".

Rupert also gave hints as to what he would like to be when he is older.

"When I was younger, I wanted to be an ice-cream man.

"I'd like to be a cartoonist as well. I like drawing a lot; I especially like cartoons, I really love Spongebob."

The dark side

The trio all said how much darker POA is going to be compared to the first two.

And it is not just seeing the Dementors that makes it a scarier production, explained Daniel Radcliffe. We see the dark side to Harry too.

"He actually does have murderous thoughts.

"Literally, he would kill Sirius Black if he got the chance," he said.

We can't wait!

Hear storyHear story

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