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  Cho Chang's father is very proud
Updated 10 May 2004, 17.37
There were queuing around the block at the Cho auditions
The father of Katie Leung, the girl who's been named as Cho Chang in the fourth Potter movie, has been speaking about his daughter winning the role.

Peter Leung told the Daily Record newspaper that Katie, 16, was still coming to terms with the news.

He's also reported as saying that: "It's obviously a great part to get and it's a happy time for all the family."

He added: "Katie is coming back up next week and she's supposed to be getting a press officer and things like that."

One of her neighbours, James Gibson, also told the paper: "She is level-headed and I'm sure the fame won't go to her head. She's a nice looking girl and parts don't get much bigger than a Harry Potter role."

Katie will be joining Emma, Dan and Rupert in the Potter cast
Warner Bros. has made the decision not to officially announce the names of the people playing parts like Cho Chang, Cedric Diggory and Fleur Delacour, because the young actors are currently taking important exams.


The studio told CBBC Newsround Online that their main concern was that naming the young actors during their exams would put more pressure on them, by bringing them into the media spotlight in the middle of a vital time in their education.

The actress playing Cho Chang won't start filming her scenes until later in the summer, probably July. But Potter fans have already been sending their opinions about Katie Leung into many internet websites.


Cho Chang audition queues
Thousands queued for the chance to be Cho
Many think she does look right for the part, with a few commenting on how sorry they feel for her, after she had pictures taken of her unawares by the press.

Potter fans are still waiting for confirmation of adult roles in the Goblet of Fire, but a studio insider has emphatically denied a rumour that French actress Audrey Tautou would be playing Madame Maxime.

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