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  Q&A with Teenage Drama Queen heart-throb
Updated 07 May 2004, 15.14
Adam Garcia talks about Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Adam Garcia is the star of new teen movie, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

He plays rock star Stu Wolff, and the self-confessed Newsround fan answered a few questions for us.

What is Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen about, and what is your character's role?
Lindsay Lohan [Freaky Friday] plays a character called Lola who is taken from her Manhattan lifestyle to the Brooklyn suburbs and has to adjust. She is an individual from the outset and clashes with certain teenage powers. My character Stu Wolff, comes into it as a rock God, he is a rock idol. Lola is obsessed with him, as are most of the people at the school, and she unfortunately lies her way into a situation where she has prove that she knows me.

Are you anything like Stu?
Not really. I have always wanted to be a rock star - you can get away with anything. I had a band at school.

Did you base Stu on any real-life rock stars?
I did, yes. I recently saw David Bowie in concert - he is amazing live. Also Ziggy Stardust, the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and Ozzy Osbourne.

Stu wore some groovy clothes in the movie - did you keep any of them?
I did. I kept a couple of rings, and they let me keep a few rock star shirts. Unfortunately I didn't get to keep the skin-tight lambskin silver trousers but I think that is probably better for everyone. Because I already have a pair!

Adam signing goodies
Adam signs competition prizes for us

What were the best/worst bits about making this film?
The worst bit was in a scene where Stu vomits. I had to sit in wet plastic bags in an alley with raw eggs in my mouth, and I had to wait for a certain period of time before I had to stand up and vomit. It was really, really unpleasant. And after all that, it got cut. The best bits were the wig - I loved wearing the wig, and I loved wearing the clothes. I liked playing the part. And we filmed it in Toronto which is a really great town.

If you could choose anyone, who would be your ideal leading lady?
Charlize Theron would probably be my number one. Then the girl who I have had a crush on since I was 11 - Jennifer Connelly.

You have acted in films and performed in the theatre - which do you prefer?
I am getting used to being on-screen now - I am kind of working it out but I have to say I still love the stage. There is something so engaging about having a live audience - they can't get away. No one can shout "cut"!

When you released Night Fever (a song from the musical Saturday Night Fever) it did really well in the UK - might you release another single in the future?
Absolutely not! Unless, well, it was really fun but I never really wanted to be a pop star. Although I am so into Justin Timberlake - he is brilliant. I released Night Fever as a promo for the show, I wouldn't have done it on my own. But I got to go on Top of the Pops which was pretty sweet.

In a dance-off between you and Justin, who would win?
Justin! He's really good. Although in tap dancing I think I might have the edge. So I would have to give him a "tap-off" so I could beat him at something.

What were you like at school?
I went to an all boys school. Everyone got on and there were never any gangs or rivalry. Once we did glue all the chairs to the ceiling, and had to sit on the floor.

Having taken part in the opening event of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, will you be following the Olympics this year?
Definitely, I am a sports person. I love sports and I like watching all that sort of stuff. I thought the Sydney Olympics were really special. I love watching the swimming, obviously the track and field. I will watch anything. I will watch five people kick a tin can down the road and call it sport. I also like the judo and wrestling.

What are your plans for the future?
I am about to start filming Miss Marple - which should be fun. Then a film will be coming out called Love's Brother and that is a really, really sweet love story.

What kind of role would you like to play next?
I would like to play a villain next.

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