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  Millions tune in to Friends' end
Updated 07 May 2004, 07.20
All six of the Friends
A tearful audience of about 50 million people tuned in to say a final goodbye to the TV show Friends in the US.

The episode, called The Last One, was beamed on big screens around New York, and over 3,000 people watched while sitting on blankets in a park.

The cast members got together in Los Angeles - not New York - to watch the show, which was filmed in January.

UK fans will have to wait until the end of May to watch the last episode of the series, which started in 1994.

TV experts said the final hour-long special would probably be the second most-watched TV show of the year, after the Super Bowl, which 90 million watched.

Crowds gather to watch on big screens
Thousands watched on big screens
Advertisers in the US paid more than 1.1 million for 30-second ads during the break.

The storyline in the last show was filmed without an audience, and the cast were not allowed to tell anyone what happened in the end.

US readers of Newsround's website have e-mailed us though to say what they thought of it.

"It was really good (and it was funny)! But I cried at the end so anyone watching it, get a tissue!" said Kimi, 13, from Reno.

Johanna-Lui, 12, said, "It was so great!! I cried more than laughed!"

Producers did promise a tearful ending, and the cast admitted their cying was not faked when they filmed their scenes.

Matt Leblanc (Joey) is now preparing to star in a Friends spin-off series called Joey, about the adventures of the lovable fool.

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