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  Dan's music help in Potter scenes
Updated 27 April 2004, 13.21
Dan Radcliffe films a scene with Gary Oldman (Sirius Black)
Dan Radcliffe loves listening to rocking music so much, he even listens to tunes to get him in the mood for scenes, he told Empire film magazine.

His top bands are punky-rock and roll bands the Libertines and The Strokes.

"I listen to music anyway, but I listen to it even more if I am preparing for a scene and I always pick the right music for the scene," he said.

He also told Empire, who spoke to him as his 15th birthday approaches, that Azkaban is going to be "brilliant".

Quidditch scenes are "amazing" in Potter 3, The Prisoner of Azkaban, but the highlight of filming was acting in scenes with his acting hero, Gary Oldman.

Dan Radcliffe as Harry Potter with Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley
Harry hates watching the old films
But, he said, one of the most challenging things about the new film was to make the dementors look different from the Wringwraiths in The Lord of the Rings.

Dan, who also revealed he is a massive fan of 19-year-old actress Scarlet Johansson, seems just like any other nearly-15 year old who talks about their fave films and bands.

He even talks about going into directing when he is older, after acting.

But Dan has had a very unusual few years as star of the giant Potter films, which have had a big effect on him, he said.

Just like Hermione

When new director Alfonso Cuaron started, Dan said he asked them to write an essay about their characters.

"I did it just like Harry, just a page of writing," he said.

"Rupert didn't do it in the end and Emma wrote 16 pages. So we were all, like 'Oh God, we've all become scarily like our characters.'"

As he approaches his 15th birthday in July, Dan said he cannot watch the first film, the Philosopher's Stone, because he cannot believe how high their voices were all that time ago!

Dan's interview with Empire, which appears in two issues, was done to celebrate the magazine's 15th birthday.

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