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  Second Azkaban trailer goes live
Updated 25 March 2004, 07.38
Harry on the Hogwarts express
The second trailer for the third Potter film, Prisoner of Azkaban, has been shown on US TV and is on the internet.

It gives a big sneak preview of the film, which will hit cinemas on 4 June.

The trailer, which is over a minute long, shows much more detail from the film, which is a lot darker and spookier than the first two.

Prisoner of Azkaban is directed by Alfonso Cuaron, who took over from Chris Columbus who made the first two Harry Potter flicks.

Harry does his patronus
The clip opens with Harry, in his Defence Against the Dark Arts class, surprised to find Professor Snape telling the class to "turn to page 394".

But then it moves to great shots of the huge Knight Bus screaming through dark wet streets, throwing Harry around the bus as it does.

In one of the bus scenes, there is an odd-looking beast with dreadlocked hair who appears to have been created for the film.

We hear the news that Sirius Black, played by Gary Oldman, has escaped from Azkaban prison and Harry is warned not to go looking for him.

There is also a nice shot of Ron and Hermione holding hands!

The trailer ends with Hermione calling Draco Malfoy an "evil little cockroach", before punching him saying "That felt good".

The world premiere of the latest Potter movie is expected to be held in the US on 23 May, probably in New York, with the first UK showing seven days later.

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