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  Favourite quotes gets board for August
Updated 07 August 2004, 09.34
Favourite quotes gets the message board for August
After a month of voting, favourite quotes gets its own message board for August.

You voted the new topic in after a close battle with McFly, but now you can talk about all your fave quotes from films, books, songs and life until your heart's content!

No such luck for His Dark Materials though, which gets dropped from the list of new message boards you can choose for next month.

Instead, two new topics enter the chart - Food and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so get voting for what you want!

It was generally a bad week on the chart with most of last week's new entries getting the boot.

In the music charts, both Jessica Simpson and Muse got the chop, being replaced by boyband V in the pop chart, and Lostprophets in the rock chart.

No change with the winners Avril and Darius who are still going strong at the top of the chart.

Buffy and Angel fans get a treat in the charts this week
With the Olympics starting next week, Athens 2004 enters the computer game chart, replacing Singstar.

But will it be able to contend with The Sims?

And Spider-Man slings out of the fave chart with the lowest votes, making room for old favourite books.

It's not all bad news for Spidey fans though, cos Tobey Maguire gets the new entry in the celeb chart.

He replaces Keira Knightley, who after only two weeks gets the boot.

We shall see next week whether Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe tops the chart by another landslide victory.

French footballer Zinedine Zidane scores an own goal on the chart, and falls off the chart.

He's replaced by runner extraordinaire Paula Radcliffe.

And on the TV chart, Corrie only lasted a week too.

Buffy spin-off Angel now steps up to challenge favourites The Simpsons, Friends and EastEnders.

But who will your favourite be? Get voting now!

Charts are updated every Saturday. The message board chart is updated on the first Saturday of every month.

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