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  Feline groovy: Halle chats to NR Showbiz
Updated 08 August 2004, 10.46

Halle Berry caused a storm in X-Men and now the Oscar-winning actress has her claws out as another comic book to big screen transformation - Catwoman.

While some critics have been a bit catty about the film, you'll have to wait til Sunday 8 August to find out what NR Showbiz thinks.

We caught up with the purrrfect-looking star and asked her about her role.

This is such a physical role - how did you prepare?

I spent a lot of time in the gym with a physical fitness trainer and I changed my diet - I ate a lot of protein.

I did a lot of cardiovascular exercise and did a Brazilian form of martial arts called Capoweria which uses gymnastics, dance and break-dance and is performed very low to the ground like a cat moves.

And then I spent hours studying tapes of cats: big cats, small cats, domestic cats, wild cats - to really try and put the movements of a cat that walks on all fours into an upright human body.

You broke your arm working on a previous film - how did you start training with that injury?

Halle Berry has gone from Storm to Catwoman
Halle Berry has gone from Storm to Catwoman

The only problem was I started to do my training with a cast on my arm. That was a little bit interesting, to be working out with weights with a cast on my arm!

It was like 'something's not right about this but I'm doing it anyway?'

Where do you stop and the stunt women start - you can't tell in the film?

I will never tell! It wasn't all me but I'll never tell where it stops and starts. I got to do a lot.

I did gymnastics as a kid and I was surprised by how much of it came back.

But there were some things I could never do and I had some great stunt women in the film come in and do the magic!

What's your favourite scene?

The scene where Patience is dead and she's lying on this marsh and all these cats come from everywhere and it's very majestic and very dark.

I also liked the very first fight scene: Catwoman in the jewellery store. I thought it was great.

All the special effects and just to have a girl bring down five guys in 30 seconds - it's like 'Go girls!'

Is Catwoman a role model - is she a goodie or a baddy?

Halle-cat: 'Look, no claws!'

She's a bit in the middle. She's a role model only in the sense she represents the duality of all people.

We all struggle with doing the right thing and being tempted by doing something a little naughty.

She's a much more human superhero than some of the others.

Why should we see it?

It's an exciting visual spectacle. It's a comic book movie that people love to see.

It's about the underdog rising above and becoming this hero, making us all feel good about ourselves.

It offers us a fantasy to escape our mundane life - a chance to eat some popcorn and go on an adventure. That's why I go to see movies like this!

If you could have one superhero power what would it be?

I got asked this when I did X-Men too! Erm, I would love to be able to teleport myself.

I would love to be here right this second and in another second be back in Los Angeles in my bedroom. I'd love that one.

Is there a message in this film?

If you go looking for one you'll find one. I think it's about a woman discovering who she is.

A lot of us live this life a little insecure - not being who we really want to be and not having the courage to stand up and be who we want to be.

By the end of this movie Patience has found a way to really be who she wants to be - live with courage and integrity.

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