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  Newsround auditions Cho hopefuls!
Updated 07 February 2004, 17.07

When there are 3,000 people in front of you in the queue, it can be a bit boring.

We decided to liven things up by putting eight hopefuls through their paces.

We got them to act out the part in GOF when Harry invites Cho to the Yule Ball - and you can listen to their auditions.

We also tested their Cho knowledge!

Name: Angelica
Age: 14
From: Chessington
Why do you want this part? I love acting and performing in plays. I think Cho's a bit like me.
Cho quiz score: 4/8

Name: Vanessa
Age: 14
From: Sheffield
Why do you want this part? I just want to go for the experience and have a good time. I've read all the books.
Cho quiz score: 7/8

Name: Sarah
Age: 14
From: London
Why do you want this part? I like the Harry Potter books and I like drama and acting. I like Cho's character.
Cho quiz score: 8/8

Name: Philippa
Age: 15
From: Carmarthen
Why do you want this part? I love performing. I've been in pantos and plays. I find the books really interesting.
Cho quiz score: 7/8

Name: Marie
Age: 14
From: Bracknell
Why do you want this part? It's a challenge. I haven't done much acting before and it's really exciting to be here.
Cho quiz score: 6/8

Name: Katherine
Age: 13
From: Orpington
Why do you want this part? I don't know what the film-makers are looking for, but I think I've got the right look.
Cho quiz score: 8/8

Name: Rebecca
Age: 15
From: Coventry
Why do you want this part? It would make my dad happy. He likes to watch me act and he would be very proud.
Cho quiz score: 4/8

Name: Emily
Age: 13
From: Exmouth
Why do you want this part? I'm a big fan of the books and it would just be a fun thing to do.
Cho quiz score: 7/8

Angelica's auditionAngelica's audition
Vanessa's auditionVanessa's audition
Sarah's auditionSarah's audition
Philippa's auditionPhilippa's audition
Marie's auditionMarie's audition
Katherine's auditionKatherine's audition
Rebecca's auditionRebecca's audition
Emily's auditionEmily's audition

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