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  Pirates win board vote in Your Charts
Updated 07 February 2004, 11.22
Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom
Pirates of the Caribbean has won the battle for February's new message board.

You voted last summer's blockbuster film as your fave new topic, so for this month fans can chat about Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom as much as they like!

There are also two new entry's on the message board chart: Music - R'n'B and Aargh! My Family! where you could moan about all the embarrassing things your parents and family do.

Next month's board is up to you so get voing now!

Orli's still your fave celebrity, but fellow Pirates star Keira Knightley has lost her place on the chart. After a short break, Will Young makes a re-appearance in her place.

The ongoing battle for the top sports star spot between David Beckham and Jonny Wilkinson continues.

This week Jonny's got the most of your votes, just beating Becks.

But it's been a bad week for Arsenal's Freddie Ljungberg and Pop Idol runners-up Sam & Mark. After only one week on the chart you voted them both out.

Blazin' Squad make a new entry on your pop chart
Now Russian tennis star Marat Safin makes an appearance as a new entry on your sports chart.

And the Blazin' Squad boys take Sam & Mark's place on the pop chart.

Good Charlotte still reigns supreme in your rock chart but you've had enough of Simple Plan who get the push this week. You'd all rather be listening to The Offspring instead.

Championship Manager 03/04 has gotten the boot in you computer game chart. The Sims is still your favourite, but can new entry Advance Wars 2 challenge it?

Maybe not, as playing computer games is out of your favourite thing chart.

With Valentine's Day coming you all must have chocolate on the brain as you voted it in as this week's new entry for your fave thing.

Charmed has obviously lost its magic on you - you kicked it out of the TV chart and voted for Corrie in its place.

But how long will you be watching the Street for?

Vote now!

Charts are updated every Saturday. The message board chart is updated on the first Saturday of every month.

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