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  Wellington set for Rings premiere
Updated 30 November 2003, 10.25
Fellbeast on cinema
The premiere of the final part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy will bring New Zealand's capital Wellington to a standstill on Monday.

Around 100,000 people are expected to watch a huge parade featuring actors from the film, The Return of the King.

Cast members such as Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen and Liv Tyler have flown in to attend the premiere.

"It's quite good. Nah it's fantastic! it's definitely the best," said actor Billy Boyd, who plays hobbit Pippin.

Return of the King poster
Return of the King opens in the UK on 17 December
CBBC Newsround spoke to one of the organisers of the premiere in Wellington to find out what else is planned.

"The main thing is a big street parade," said Miett Fear, who works for the City Council. "It goes from parliament through the city centre and ends on the red carpet at the Embassy Theatre."

Perched on top of the cinema that's hosting the premiere is a 20-metre long Fell Beast and Nazgul rider.

Huge troll

"There's a huge cave troll from the first film in the central square, and a huge Gollum peering down from the top of another building," she added.

She said there are also big banners up on lots of buildings.

Gandalf on banner
One shows Legolas shooting an arrow and there's a big arrow sticking out of the building opposite.

There's even been a film-making competition for kids to try and find the next Peter Jackson!

"There are so many celebs," Miett told Newsround. "That's what makes it so fantastic.

"We are expecting tens of thousands of people to turn up in the streets and show support for Peter Jackson - Wellington is his home town. And the cast all lived here for a year and travelled around New Zealand while filming.

"It's right that the finale should be here. It's the last film in the trilogy - it means a lot to the people who live here."

The Return of the King opens in both the UK and the US on 17 December.

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