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  Crabbe from Harry Potter is 'lucky to be alive'
Updated 27 November 2003, 15.55
Jamie Waylett who plays Crabbe in Harry Potter
When any kid gets a part in the Harry Potter movies, it's a pretty amazing achievement.

But when Jamie Waylett got the part of Vincent Crabbe, it was extra special, The Leaky Cauldron found out.

The 14-year-old actor is actually lucky to be alive.

When Jamie was nine-years-old he was hit by a car.

Doctors told his devastated parents that he had almost no chance of surviving, and if he did, he'd be brain-damaged.

Jamie with his mates Tom Felton and Joshua Herdman
He was in intensive care for three days and the doctors were starting to give up hope.

Then a family friend demanded that doctors check his blood, and they gave him a blood transfusion. The next day he woke up and started to improve.

Big deal?

Less than a year later, Jamie was back at school and the Harry Potter casting directors came to visit.

He went for the part of Dudley, but they soon decided he'd be better off as Crabbe.

When Jamie got the part, he didn't know what a big deal it was. He hadn't read the books and had no idea how huge they were.

"I'd seen the book," he told The Leaky Cauldron. "It looked kind of boring with this kid on the front."


Draco! Tom Felton's good mates with Jamie
He quickly met Tom Felton, who plays Draco, and they sat and played PlayStation while the casting people brought in prospective kids to play Goyle.

Not long later, filming started on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Now with two movies under his belt, Jamie can hardly go anywhere in his hometown of London without being mobbed by Potter fans wanting his autograph.

And things will no doubt get even crazier when Azkaban is released in June.

Impressions of Ron

But success will not go to Jamie's head.

"It'll all go won't it?" he said simply. "The movies will end and the money will run out. When I go home, I'm just me."

On set, Jamie is good mates with the cast. Him and Tom Felton have stayed the best of mates, as has Joshua Herdman who plays Goyle.

He also keeps everyone laughing with his wicked impressions of Rupert Grint (Ron), Matthew Lewis (Neville) and directors Chris Columbus and Alfonso Cuaron.

Bum double

Jamie likes playing the joker - he even says he'd like to play Ron if he could be any other Potter character.

And he's happy to do stupid things on set - even pose for a bum double!

There's a scene in PoA where Crabbe gets kicked in the bum and then has to chase Malfoy while his trousers are falling down.

But the crew wouldn't let Jamie get kicked in the bottom, so he had to bend over in front of the whole set and have his bottom compared to extras to find a perfect match.

"I was like 'bum double'??" Jamie laughed.

Nice to know Crabbe's not so crabby after all!

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