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  Full interview: Shane Richie
Updated 31 October 2003, 14.53

Newsround's Ellie chatted to Shane Richie on the set of his music video for Children in Need.

She got all the goss about the song and his amazing year.

Can you tell us about the single?
For those of you that remember 1985, there was a little pop combo called Wham! They were real bubblegum pop. You still hear them on the radio. The tune I'm Your Man was a big hit in 1985 for them. But then again I was only 11, so what do I know?

But it's a bit of a different version, isn't it?
You look a bit like Rachel Stevens. (Shane turns to the camera) In fact, word has got round that it is Rachel and she's about to sing us a song.

I'm very flattered. But it is a bit of a different version isn't it?
Yeah, when I first heard it I thought it was the Darkness. The beginning starts up with these dirty rock guitars, and I thought blimey I'd got the wrong song, what am I singing here? (he starts to sing high pitched, like Justin from the Darkness) I believe in a thing called love! It's a real different version, so for those mums and dads and big sisters who remember the original, this one's a lot different, but it's still got the same feel good factor about it.

It's generally quite teeny, poppy, people, who do the song for Children in Need, so why do you think they went for you?
I think EastEnders got behind it this year. The story goes EastEnders wanted to do something for Children in Need, and asked if there were any singers in the show. Of course there's a few of the cast members who can sing, and they said: "How do you fancy Shane?" I laughed for a bit, and thought: "They're not going to want me!" But it's a great idea. It's because of the success of Alfie Moon this year, and I would be stupid to think otherwise. It's either that or they think I'm Lionel Richie. And they're going to be disappointed. But it's the success of EastEnders that's enabled me to do this. And it's going to raise the profile of Children in Need. And as everyone knows, the EastEnders audience is eight to a hundred and eight, so it's going to raise a lot of money.

How do you feel about working for children in need?
Well I have done before, I've done something nearly every year, whether it be in front of camera or behind the scenes. Seven years ago we did Grease the Musical on the show. If I've been on solo tour or part of a show, we've always done a collection or mentioned it on stage. So this year it's a chance to show off a bit.

So, tell us about the video.
The video. We've just had a vintage Rolls Royce in here, I had to keep getting in and out of there. I'm going to be dancing on the stage.

Well, moving fast there is a difference Rachel. How are the other six?

Is it nice to get back to the singing and dancing after a year in EastEnders|?
Yeah, albeit one day. I'm looking forward to getting back to what I do for a living, which is being an actor.

You've had a great year
It's been a phenomenal year.

Will we see some of Alfie Moon in the video?
No, I don't think Alfie's a great singer! Saying that, nor am I.

And is there a bit for Rachel from S-Club?
Oh, she is lovely!

Watch Ellie's interviewWatch Ellie's interview

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