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  Daily Academy goss: week four
Updated 03 September 2003, 20.24

You can catch what's happening in the Fame Academy every day, right here.

Day 27: Tuesday 2 September

The students were late getting up this morning, making Kevin angry - and they won't like him when he's angry.

Carolynne, Alex and Paris were all late to the dance studio, so Kevin took them outside for a run.

But not a nice little jog, instead he got them running around the grounds of the academy.

And Kevin had harsh words for Alex and Carolynne, when they lagged behind, since it was their fault they were running in the first place.

And even worse for Carolynne, a secret crush she's got on one of the boys has got out.

Crafty Barry overheard her when she was being interviewed on CBBC, admitting that she quite fancied Peter.

Barry strung it along for a while before finally telling Peter the truth.

And then poor old Carolynne had to face up to her crush at dinner, since the boys kept teasing her about it.

Day 26: Monday 1 September

The boys seem to be getting serious as they start to think about who will win the big prize in October.

The five lads seemed to come up with one name - Alex.

The nineteen-year-old Cornish lass was their fave because, according to Peter, she's "Really distinctive," and has an "individual voice as well."

Welsh fella James admitted that he couldn't have done it at her age.

But when Barry asked who James thought would actually win, he was very careful about what he said: "Whoever gets the most votes on 4 October."

After a bit of a break, the students were introduced to a bunch of professional songwriters.

Alisatair's songs got a really good reception form the tutors and other students.

Is this a step towards a number one single?

You'll have to wait and see.

The day finished with a bit of fun, as the students had a barn-dance style party, with wigs and fake beards to make them look like rough cowboys.

Apart form Barry, who dressed up in lipstick and a blonde wig.

We're not sure that's a look that'll get you many fans Barry...

Day 25: Sunday 31 August

After the tension of the showdown, the students have been treated to a chance to learn the tricks of the songwriting trade from professional pop composers visiting The Academy.

The gang of seven met songwriter Colin Campsie, who tried to them to come up with lyrics and tunes.

Louise was the sixth student to be expelled from The Academy last night, and her leaving made the other students really miserable.

Life goes on

Carolynne was especially upset at losing her pal and attached a note for Louise on the expelled girl's teddy bear, before having a good cry.

But life goes on and the students were only just back in the house when the teachers showed up for a playback of the performances.

Barry came off particularly badly and Carrie told him: "You are not, as you stand now, ever going to make it to Top of the Pops."


But they all loved Alex's version of the 80s hit Tainted Love, which went down a storm on the live show.

Day 24: Saturday 30 August

Well, after another week of preparation, the students seem even more nervous than usual about tonight's showdown.

They spent breakfast chatting about the fact that someone else would leave the Academy.

Louise thinks she'll be in the bottom three and even favourite Alex had a case of the jitters.

And Barry and Carolynne let the tension spill over and had a fight in the Dance Studio as they were doing voice exercises.

It seems Barry was singing too loud for Caz's liking but Barry told her she was "grumpy"!

But later on as rehearsals for the showdown got under way, Barry's performance seemed to take a bashing from his fellow students.

They reckoned the public won't like it at all.

Will they or won't they? Watch this space!

Day 23: Friday 29 August

Alistair, James and Paris had a mad night out yesterday - but they're paying the price for it today.

The morning started badly for the terrible trio.

They had been partying until the small hours, but Kevin was determined to work them as hard as ever in his fitness class.

Then it was time for their singing lessons.

Each of the eight remaining students practised their songs for Saturday's showdown, and made a speech saying what they had learned in the Academy.


Then they did a weird exercise - where one student sang and the rest of them made loads of noise in an effort to distract them.

That must have made Alistair, James and Paris even more moody.

And if that wasn't enough, Louise was giving Alistair the cold shoulder because he chucked a glass of water at her in the middle of the night.

The joke backfired, and Alistair found himself apologising to Louise over and over again.

He kept on grovelling all day - but Louise wouldn't let it lie!

Day 22: Thursday 28 August

The students started the day with a dance lesson. But this time the class had a twist - Kevin told them to do it themselves!

Each student had to come up with their own dance moves to teach the rest of the class, with some funny results.

"It's all about interpretation and I like what I see," smiled Kevin, who was impressed.


But after the fun, it was serious business and Louise got a taste of what fame's really like when David said she wasn't getting to the heart of her song for this Saturday.

However, after some soul-searching and David's coaching, Louise gave a top singing performance.

Academy Life

But Academy life is starting to take its toll on some students. After their lessons, Alex and James started to moan.

"I'm just really feeling like I'm gonna burst. I feel angry at the fact I just don't feel like me. Well I do but... just being cooped up's getting to me", Alex said.

Granny's fashion

But not everything is about singing. Alistair is desperately looking for a cool style and some of his mates tried to help.

Al then pulled out a huge, fake fur coat (which once belonged to his gran) from the top of his wardrobe. But the boys weren't convinced.

So while they have to concentrate on their singing, fashion must not be forgotten in Fame Academy either!

Day 21: Wednesday 27 August

Singing time

The students have spent a huge part of today practising their singing.

Individual lessons with the voice coaches followed a long vocal warm-up session.

In Paris' session with David, he was urged to put more emotion into his performance.

"You're telling a story, make it almost conversational," David suggested.

Meanwhile coach Carrie had nothing but praise for Alex.

"I love the way you come to the lessons fully loaded with ideas," she gushed, before adding: "You're so great to work with."

The playlist for Saturday night has also been announced today:

  • Paris: Misty Blue (Ella Fitzgerald)
  • Alistair: Against All Odds (Phil Collins)
  • Barry: Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)
  • Carolynne: Underneath Your Clothes (Shakira)
  • James: Why Does It Always Rain On Me? (Travis) Peter: The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie)
  • Louise: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (Dusty Springfield)
  • Alex: Tainted Love (Soft Cell)

Moaning James

While he's not been the happiest chappy for several days in the Academy, James has now confessed to Alistair that he's "only enjoying tiny bits of each day".

Alistair came straight out with "Do you wanna go home?"

James didn't blame homesickness for his mood though, he puts it down to the Academy being boring.

"The daily routine is too boring. I feel unchallenged" James said.

Jazzy Jeff

Paris received an invitation this morning from DJ Jazzy Jeff, Will Smith old music partner.

Jazzy wants Paris to join him on stage at the Jazz Cafe on Thursday night.

Paris has two extra tickets, so then came the decision of who to take.

"I think it should be people who haven't been out yet," said Paris.

Which means Barry, Alistair and James. Barry's either not a jazz fan, or just plain nice as he instantly offered to stay behind.

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