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  Nemo finally hits UK film screens
Updated 10 October 2003, 18.16
Finding Nemo is the biggest animated movie ever
Animated fish adventure Finding Nemo has finally come out in the UK - and film fans are flocking to see it.

The movie, about a clownfish who gets stolen, has already proved a massive success in the US, taking 214 million.

But directors Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich say they are shocked that the film has done so well.

It was released at around the same time as blockbusters The Hulk and The Matrix Reloaded. The pair thought Nemo would be "clobbered" by the competition.

The Lion King is now in second place
The Lion King is now in second place

Instead, in went on to become the biggest ever animated film in the US, overtaking the Lion King.

Andrew and Lee said they were really pleased with the movie's underwater scenes.

"The thing we conquered the most was the cinematic trick of making you think you were underwater - something disappearing in the murk, shafts of light, plankton in the water," they said.

Finding Nemo was produced by the same people behind Toy Story, A Bug's Life and Monsters, Inc.

The directors say they're not ruling out a sequel.

"After Toy Story came out, everybody said 'Is there going to be a sequel?' We all said 'No way!' But you never know - maybe we will do Finding Nemo 2!"

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