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  Daily Academy goss: week three
Updated 26 August 2003, 18.36

You can catch what's happening in the Fame Academy every day, right here.

Day 20: Tuesday 26 August

Pleasant surprise

There was a pleasant surprise for the students when they were let off doing Kevin's workout in order to concentrate on their songwriting.

Paris was especially pleased to be having a rest, but Peter quipped: "I suppose there's a little bit of me which actually enjoys it."

Last night, the pupils got to perform their own pieces on BBC Three.

The three groups were Paris, Louise and Alistair; James, Barry and Peter and Alex and Carolynne.

Viewers then decided which of the groups will get to perform on Saturday's show.

The winners were Paris, Louise and Alistair with their song I'm All Yours.

Down in the dumps

Meanwhile, James continued to feel down in the dumps.

"I can't put my finger on what's bothering me," he grumbled.

But he later picked up, telling Jeremy that he thinks he's got the most talent out of all the students - and that he'll make it to the final week.

Confident, or what?

Carolynne, Paris, Alex and Alistair spent the morning recording their version of You Win Again with judge and Bee Gees star Robin Gibb.

The other four were given the task of designing their album covers.

James got a ribbing from Barry when he revealed he was calling his album Happy.

Smelly socks

While Barry got stuck into the glue and glitter, Peter went searching for inspiration with a camera.

He ended up taking pictures of his smelly socks.

Surely they won't help him sell any albums!

Day 19: Monday 25 August

Kevin's concerns

Kevin is a bit worried about how James is coping with criticism.

The teachers have been using the word bland a lot around James.

James told Kevin he's finding it tough, but relieved he's still in the Academy.

Kevin finished with a pep talk which left James looking happier.

About Saturday night

After last night's Mexican fiesta, it was back to school for the students on Monday morning.

Kevin grilled them all on their performances on Saturday night, but Barry and Alistair were still mucking about in class, wearing Spanish moustaches.

Kevin said: "You can wear them in class, but you have to wear whatever I bring in tomorrow."

Kevin went round the group handing out criticisms and praise.

He told Alex: "Don't smile at me, you didn't know how to smile on Saturday night, so don't smile now.

Day 18: Sunday 24 August

Positive and negative

To get the students used to press criticism, Jeremy had them all write something positive and something negative about each other.

The comments were written on stickers and put on the backs of the students they were about. Jeremy them read them out aloud.

The students weren't allowed to write about musical ability.

  • James was described as funny, cool and miserable, which he had to agree with.
  • Alistair: good at impressions and irritatingly good at lawn darts.
  • Barry: Big softie, but lacks ambition.
  • Peter: hilarious, but an unthoughtful, quick dinner eater.
  • Paris: genuine, but a bit too laid back.
  • Alex: a little star, but too depressed sometimes.
  • Louise: too emotional, which she agreed with but was really hurt by "not strong enough for the music industry".
  • Carolynne: "too grumpy and emotional" for such a "beautiful, kind, funny, lovely, lovely friend".

Food for thought

Sitting with the students eating pizza, presenter Patrick Kielty put the cat amongst the pigeons when he asked if the students vote on talent or personality.

They'd all been talking about what a good singer Simone is, but Patrick then pointed out only James voted for her.

The students couldn't think of anything to say to Patrick's accusation that they hid behind the "voting based purely on performance" excuse.

It was left to co-presenter Cat Deeley to jump to their defence.

"Wouldn't you do the same?" Cat asked Pat.

"Yeh, but that's the point!" said Pat, "I don't think the public believe it."


Earlier, there was almost a flood this morning as the tears poured after last's night eviction. Carolynne's really upset after she scraped in by the skin of her teeth.

Most of the students are surprised that Paris doesn't do well in the public vote.

They all acknowledged he's a good singer, but Alistair suggested it's because Paris sings high notes and that makes it easier to spot when he makes a mistake.

Alex suggested that maybe it's because his music isn't mainstream enough.

Day 17: Saturday 23 August

Ahead of a Bee Gees special, Barry was feeling nervous, sure he'd be in the bottom three.

He also told Peter he'd miss him most, although his mate was sure it wouldn't be Barry who'd be out this week.

The boys also mentioned that this week is important, since from tonight, there'll be a week between each singing for survival show.

Alistair is also a little unsure of himself, although only because he thinks you lot don't care enough about him.

He was sitting with James and trying to work out why everyone else seemed to be getting more fanmail than them.

He said Pete, Alex and Louise all seemed to be getting more than him, although James wasn't bothered about this.

He reckons the less fanmail he gets, the more credible he is, so everything is going great!

Day 16: Friday 22 August

The students started the night in a moany mood, after Peter and Alex left for the Kerrang! awards.

But that soon disappeared when an excited Peter came back and told the boys about his brilliant night with the stars.

Carolynne had everyone guessing after she confessed her mystery crush to Barry in the girls' dorm.

Tips for Saturday night

But the mystery crush was not the only thing on Barry's mind.

He stayed behind after the morning fitness class to grill coach, Kevin on his performance.

Louise was also worried about her abilities and had a one-to-one with vocal coach, David.

Teachers' meeting

But all that hard work was reviewed during the weekly teachers' meeting.

Kevin said Simone was boring and bland, while Carrie thought Alistair needed to improve his star quality.

There was lots of praise for Paris and Peter though, who the teachers thought had strong identities.

The teachers also said James had a lot of catching up to do.

But James cruised through today's performance when he sang the Bee Gee's tune, More Than A Woman.

So the teachers may have to eat their words on Saturday night!

Day 15: Thursday 21 August

The students' nerves after last night's show were calmed after a surprise visit from Bee Gees legend Robin Gibb, who's one of the judges.

Although they're missing evicted Gary, the gang were all smiles when they heard that Robin was going to do a masterclass with four of them.

Alex, Paris, Louise and Alistair are the chosen ones, as their vocals best fit Robin's tune.

After refreshments, the nine listened to a CD with Bee Gees tracks they had recorded in the Academy.

Time to reflect

But things took a turn for the worse in the morning when the students gathered to reflect on their performances.

Alistair and Barry moaned about their mistakes, promising to do better next time.

And Louise and James joined forces to moan about their teachers, saying Richard Park's comments were rubbish.

But Louise decided to concentrate on her future performance, and she prayed for an up-tempo song next time.

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