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  Fame Academy: Backstage gossip
Updated 05 October 2003, 11.49
The three finalists
It was a cold, rainy night in North London. CBBC Newsround Online was shivering in the press tent, but we were determined to get you the gossip from the showdown.

Just yards away from us, the final three students were singing for the top prize of a 1m record deal and a life of luxury.

When Carolynne became the first of the finalists to get expelled, she also had matters of the heart on her mind.


She had been filmed canoodling with fellow student Peter, but he's since got back together with his girlfriend.

Carolynne, who came third, with Peter
Carolynne, who came third, with Peter

"I wasn't shocked at all," sighed Carolynne about Peter's antics.

"I'm not going to deny I had feelings for Peter," she said, adding that she would "catch up" with him later.

Carolynne was upbeat about coming third.

"I hit a few wrong notes, but I said I was going to start the show with a bang and I did.

"I was shaking - I couldn't tell if I was really nervous or just excited."


Carolynne won't be re-applying for Fame Academy.

"I wouldn't do it again. I've had the best time, but I couldn't be away from my friends and family for that long.

"I've cried more in the Academy in the past few weeks, than I have in my entire life."

Carolynne's best mate, Jessica, was delighted to have her back.

"She's got a fantastic talent and the world is waiting to see it," said Jessica.


As for Peter, Jessica said: "It wouldn't have happened if they weren't in the house. They were under a lot of pressure and it was a release of tension."

Alistair came second
Alistair came second

Everyone felt a bit sorry for Alistair when he came in to be interviewed.

He'd been picked on by the judges, and singer Daniel Bedingfield - who duetted with both Alex and Alistair - announced that Alex was his fave live on air.

"It was a very one-sided kind of night," said Ali. "But Alex was brilliant - I take my hat off to her."


He said he was disappointed with headteacher Richard Park, adding: "I thought he might give me some small credit."

Ali admitted he was quite chuffed with the following he's got among teenage girls, joking: "It's probably not a bad thing."

As for the future, Ali said: "I hope I get a record deal. I've got to get something out of this."

Panellist for the night Jonathan Ross
Panellist for the night Jonathan Ross

A massive cheer went up for Alex when she came in.

Earlier, we'd caught up with her brothers, Daniel and Jonathan.

"We can't believe the amount of support she's got - from 70-year-olds to kids who want to dress up like her," they said.

X factor

They said kids in Cornwall had been following Alex's fashion by wearing hats and wristbands.

Alex also had a fan in comedian Jonathan Ross's 12-year-old daughter, Betty.

"I think Alistair's brilliant, but Alex is original and she has that X factor," said Betty.

As for her dad's performance as a panellist for the night, Betty said: "It's beginning to scare me because he's starting to sound like the real judges!"

Judges Carrie and Richard were full of praise for Alex when we met them.


"When you audition 12,000 people, it's like digging for diamonds - and Alex is a rare find," said Carrie.

Fame Academy winner Alex
Fame Academy winner Alex

Richard added: "She is unquestionably bound for stardom."

Finally, it was time for us to chat to Alex.

"My legs were like jelly after the first two songs and I just got it back together to keep performing," she confided.

"I was worried my voice wouldn't come out."

On winning, she said: "Hopefully it won't go to my head. I'll surround myself with people who I love and who love me."


But the 19-year-old admitted she was a bit scared about what will happen next.

"I'm really young. I'm not used to responsibility. Cornwall's very quiet."

And with that, she was off to celebrate with her folks..

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