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  Daily Academy goss: week two
Updated 24 August 2003, 13.35

You can catch what's happening in the Fame Academy every day, right here.

Day 14: Wednesday 20 August

There was sizzling tension in the Academy last night after Louise and Carolynne went to the premiere of Tomb Raider 2.

The jealous boys who were left behind moaned and talked about the girls.

Barry had his claws out and led the pack saying he always felt uncomfortable with the girls.

Progress report

Barry's unhappiness continued later when he got a bashing from Carrie and David about his development.

But Barry wasn't the only one told to try harder in the students' progress report session.

Simone was told she lacked star quality, while Louise was told to show the other side of her personality.

But Carolynne and Paris were all smiles after they got lots of praise for their abilities.

Kerrang surprise

Later, Alex and Peter had the last laugh with a pass to the Kerrang! awards after winning a game last night.

The game required each one to prepare and perform rock songs.

Alistair then came out with the biggest gossip when he admitted he had a crush on Louise to James.

But sadly she doesn't feel the same. Louise pined for her partner during a message to the outside world.

Day 13: Tuesday 19 August

Kevin's fitness classes are proving quite traumatic!

Just days after Paris had a strop about them, Barry had a funny turn in this morning's session.

Kevin put it down to Barry trying to exercise on an empty stomach.

"I feel like I'm going to throw up," moaned Barry, before Kevin sent him off to drink some orange juice.

Barry was getting quite a lot of attention today.

Song writing teacher John gave the Belfast lad his undivided attention.

Barry's not had as much writing experience as some of the other students, so he welcomed the extra tuition.

Meanwhile, James was irritated that his song writing session with Alex and Peter had not gone well.

"They haven't got inside my head about how I want to sing it," he confided to Alistair.

Then he admitted that he's been feeling down since Sunday.

Cheer up, James - you're in the Fame Academy, after all!

Day 12: Monday 18 August

Oh dear. Barry is feeling a bit down about the atmosphere in the Academy. He moaned to Jeremy that everyone's been depressed and he doesn't like the vibe.

But he admitted things were starting to get better.

And earlier he found something else to moan about too,

Carolynne and Louise have won tickets to the premiere of Tomb Raider 2, for their great performance of You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling.

But Barry didn't think it was fair and made sure his views were known.

And in a post-eviction chat, Lorna reckons she's glad to be out of the Academy.

She admitted she was fed up hearing the same comments day in day out, and was quite pleased with her short time on the show.

She said she's found a great mate in Alex and is ready to try her hand at theatre work.

Good luck Lorna!

Day 11: Sunday 17 August

The students are getting used to life without... Lorna.

It was certainly hard for Alex, and the pixie-faced popster had a bit of a cry over losing her mate.

The tension seemed to get to Belfast lad Barry, and he was convinced that fellow students Carolynne and Louise had been talking about him behind his back.

But after Gary told them that Baz was feeling a bit paranoid, Carolynne confronted him and they made up.

We'll have to see if it lasts!

Alex and Peter had a bit of a chat this morning about why they wanted to perform.

Indie-kid Peter got all deep and said it was because he needed to get his emotions out somehow.

Alex was a bit more straightforward.

"I do it 'cos I enjoy it. It's something I can do."

Fair enough!

Day 10: Saturday 16 August

The students are heating up for the next expulsion.

And it looks like the boys are starting to think of themselves of celebs.

Paris and Barry both enjoyed a bit of pampering in the make-up room.

Paris took ages getting his hair re-braided. Barry, who complained that the fake tan he was having was going to make him look like an oompah-loompah

But he soon got into it, and was worried in case the fake tan wouldn't cover up his t-shirt tan line.

But he was really up for the next time and cheekily asked if he could book a session for next Saturday.

And the boys have also come up with a relaxing way of relieving their tension while waiting for the showdown.

They're playing "lawn darts" - basically throwing stones at a cup on the grass.

Peter, Gary, Alistair and James spent while chucking rocks at a cup while doing cheeky impressions of head teacher Richard Park.

Will it get them relaxed enough to perform tonight? We'll have to wait and see...

Day 9: Friday 15 August

The students are getting on with their lessons.

All except Paris, who's spent most of Friday having a strop at Kevin and the dance classes.

"I'm angry after class and it's affecting my performance," Paris told Kevin.

Paris ended up not taking part in the fitness class after Kevin suggested he needed a break.

Kevin was pretty supportive and said he wanted to motivate Paris, but he did add: "If me shouting at you is affecting you, how are you going to react when people try to put you down?"


Meanwhile, Alex and Alistair have been studying their belly-button fluff and chatting about life in the Academy.

Alex told Alistair she is amazed she's in the Academy, and is trying to figure out the reality show.

Something else was on Alistair's mind though as he suddenly blurted out "You've got great hair".

Watch this space!

Day 8: Thursday 14 August

The academy was full of smiles today after last night's live show.

Although they miss their evicted mate Nick, the students were happy to have survived to sing another week.

Even Barry, who could not participate in last night's showdown because of a throat bug, joined in the celebrations.

At 10.30am, Alex, still in high spirits, gave an interview to say how chuffed she was with the gang's abilities.

Review time

Later vocal coaches Carrie and David got together with the students to watch yesterday's show.

There was heaps of praise for Lorna and Louise for their fab performances.

But James, Paris and Alistair were told to put in more effort and focus on their emotions more.

Peter was advised to pay more attention to his vocals, while Alex was told off for being slightly out of tune.

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