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  Daily Academy goss: week nine
Updated 04 October 2003, 14.13

You can catch what's happening in the Fame Academy every day, right here.

Day 56: Saturday 4 October

The students' final day in the Fame Academy has dawned.

Alex, Alistair and Carolynne are all getting ready for tonight's final showdown.

The third-placed student will leave the Academy after the first of tonight's BBC1 shows, leaving the other two to battle it out in the second.

This morning, the teachers held their final staff meeting.

Headteacher Richard Park said it had been "a most enjoyable term".

The teachers considered what the future holds for the final three.

Of Carolynne, Kevin said: "I think she'll be pretty successful."

David told everyone not to rule out Alistair: "I think he could easily win this."

There was nothing but praise for Alex, with all the staff agreeing that she is "a force to be reckoned with".

Meanwhile, Alistair seemed pretty chilled-out about the final, saying he was "fairly relaxed, really."

Alex said she was "pretty nervous" but also excited - especially because she's got lots of mates coming to support her.

Day 58: Friday 3 October

The trio were surprised when they came back from Birmingham to see huge video screens that had appeared in different parts of the mansion for the final night.

When Alistair made his way into the music room to rehearse, Kevin joined a playful Alex for some fun and frolics.

Later, Ali, Alex and Kevin gathered on the back terrace for a chat. Carolynne soon joined them.

Alex said she's learned many "amazing things" in her time in the academy.

"It's been the weirdest thing. I've met some really lovely people, and also learnt some amazing things," she said.

"It's changed my life, I came here as no-one and will leave as someone."

David and Ali have had a pleasant chat in the music room.

"You know, millions of people know you," David said.

"I must have been doing something right," Ali agreed.

"I got the impression there is support building. I'd love to win, of course, but I daren't build myself up."

"What would you do if you win?" David asked. "Kiss Richard Park and chase him round the garden," Ali responded laughing.

Carolynne admitted she didn't sleep at all last night.

"I feel like I'm gonna feel a bit weird with Pete on Saturday. Would you be?"

"I like Pete, he's a good bloke, but we've all been involved in this bizarre situation," Ali explained.

"People perceive it differently," Caz continued. "I've been honest, I thought it was best to be honest. I actually liked him."

Day 57: Thursday 2 October

"Group hug!" fitness tutor Kevin called, and the gang huddled together for a squeeze.

Pumping up the garage beat on the stereo, Kevin kicked off the last session. "You'll miss this!" he said. Errr...

Jeremy also popped in: "The preparation for the week is going well?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think so," Ali replied. Alex confessed: "I really wanna live in London and that's the kind of place I want but I would never be able to afford that."

Carolynne admitted: "It's like 'and this is what you could have won'," to then reveal that she didn't feel like she could win.

For Carolynne, the Academy has been a lifetime experience: "I've made so many friends out of it, it's been the best time ever. Being away from my family has been really hard for me."

And for her supporters, she said: "They really have cheered my down days up, I can't tell you how much I appreciate them, just watching and reacting. It's made me feel really good."

The students have been practising their songs all week in preparation for the crucial last two shows, including their duets with Daniel Bedingfield.

Alex, Alistair and Carolynne will also perform the 30-45 minute gig today at 6pm at the NEC Arena.

Doors will open at 5pm. No tickets are required but numbers are limited.

The only thing missing is YOU!

Day 56: Wednesday 01 October

The final trio received calls from their ex-student pals wishing them luck.

"Have you been partying?" Carolynne asked Peter. "Yeah, heavily," he replied.

Alex's phonecall was from Louise: "I'm just calling to wish you all the luck in the world on Saturday," she told him.

Alistair heard a familiar voice too: "I'm looking for an old friend of mine called Alistair," James said. Ali laughed and said: "How's it going?"

"I'll be there cheering you on, just go and win it," James said warmly.

With so many things to do, the students have got their work cut out to master all the songs in time.

Carrie and David have been helping the three finalists swot up on their NEC Arena songs.

The order of the songs will be: California Dreaming, Wherever You Will Go, Underneath Your Clothes, Yellow, I Don't Want A Lover, Jealous Guy, Beautiful and You Win Again.

"Oh man!" Alex cried when he heard this. "Are you joking? There's only three of us."

Alex, Alistair and Carolynne will perform the 30-45 minute gig on Thursday 2 October at 6pm at the NEC Arena.

Doors will open at 5 pm. No tickets are required but numbers are limited.

The only thing missing is YOU!

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