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  Return of the King trailer is out!
Updated 29 September 2003, 10.55
Aragorn plays a big part in Return of the King
Fans of the Lord of the Rings who are waiting for the final film in the trilogy have been getting their first look at the next movie.

The trailer for Return of the King made its debut in cinemas this weekend, and is also on the internet too.

The trailer shows lots of clips of the flying Nazgul swooping through the air, as well as Frodo climbing what looks like a very steep mountain.

Gollum plays a big part in the ROTK trailer
Gollum plays a big part in the ROTK trailer
Other important scenes show elves re-making the ancient sword of the king of men, Narsil, which is given to Aragorn to lead the men with.

When he gets it, it's renamed Anduril, and helps him live up to his destiny as the returning king of the film's title.

For big fans of the story, one of the best bits is the first look at the She who Gollum talks about at the end of the second film - but in case you don't know who She is, we won't spoil it any more than that!

In fact that's probably the best bit about the trailer, as it leaves a lot of really cool stuff out.

As well as the minor glimpse of She, there are thousands of soldiers getting ready for giant battles, but there's no footage from any of the actual fights.

With the film being released on 18 December, it's going to be a long time until we see what all these scenes mean, but judging from the trailer, it looks like it'll be well worth the wait.

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