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  Daily Academy goss: week eight
Updated 25 September 2003, 15.21

You can catch what's happening in the Fame Academy every day, right here.

Day 55: Tuesday 30 September

The students hung around for 10 minutes, as they waited for Kev to arrive for their morning fitness class. When he did appear, he was in a passionate mood.

Kev said: "Join hands, among us there is a winner, the winner of Fame Academy!"

Later Alistair exchanged thoughts with vocal coach David: "My voice has improved a lot, my receptiveness to learning things has increased," Ali told him.

"I get the feeling you've come a long way and you know how to capture the songs you want," David said. "I sense you may feel we're over-analytical," he added.

Ali realised that David was referring to a conversation he'd had with Alex before.

"Hang on," he said. "I'm sorry, you must have been watching. I didn't mean it."

"What did you mean?" David asked.

"I know you're a massive part of why I've got this far. Me and James owe you a lot," he continued. "I didn't mean to offend, and I apologise."

Alex is feeling relaxed about the coming week, and she is quite amazed too: "It's really exciting, we've only got four days left, so it's great."

"I feel relieved I've made it to the final week. I feel really relaxed about it, whatever happens, happens. I've made it to the end," she said

Alex also shared her thoughts about the judges. "The best judge is David - he gives good advice as well as being honest. Off the show, Carrie has given me the best advice."

Alex, Alistair and Carolynne will perform a short 30-45 minute gig on Thursday 2 October at 6pm at the NEC Arena.

Doors will open at 5 pm. No tickets are required but numbers are limited.

The only thing missing is YOU! Have fun.

Day 54: Monday 29 September

Peter pops back

Ex-contestant Peter came back to the Academy for a chat. "I was quite nervous but I think I did my best with it... I kind of knew before that it was gonna go that way," he said.

"I will definitely miss Carrie - she's the one that understood me really, she's a really nice person."

And he hopes Carolynne will win: "She's got the best voice out of the three of them and she's probably the nicest!" he added.

The morning workout turned out to be a nice Kev moment: "I thought your solos were really good...on Top Of The Pops," he told Alex. "You looked like an absolute artist - I was soooo proud!"

But today's vocal coaching session started with a minute's silence for Peter.

The three students then bowed their heads and thought of their departed friend.

"This is probably the last technique class you'll get so it's really important," Carrie told them. "I'm so proud of you all."

Later the gang started work on their group song - Let It Be by The Beatles.

Our final three sat down with Carrie and David to review their Saturday night performances.

Carolynne was first: "I really enjoyed doing that," she beamed. "I think it was one of my best vocals."

Alex, watching her version of 10CC's I'm Not In Love said: "Hmmm. I was really nervous."

Finally Alistair said he felt he'd gone a little over the top, but Carrie told him: "I thought you were amazing."

The gang then reviewed their duets just to say (in chorus): "Goodness, they weren't that bad!"

Day 53: Sunday 28 September

The three remaining students were woken this morning with 80s power-rock tune The Final Countdown blasting into their bedrooms.

But it didn't make the weary students leap out of bed, instead they tried to ignore it.

Fortunately the students were in for a lazy day anyway - they've been given the day off to spend their final Sunday resting their vocal chords and chilling out.

Alex and Caz spent most of the day talking about pigeons, chickens and puppies.

They seemed to be talking in a secret code, but definitely seemed to understand each other.. whatever they were speaking about!

Day 52: Saturday 27 September

After tonight's live show there will be just three students left in Fame Academy - but who will go?

Well, Carolynne reckons it's her turn - she's spent most of the morning packing up her stuff!

But Peter's nervous, too. Even though he was lazing on his bed while Carolynne packed, he wasn't sleeping.

He'd had a chat with Alistair about tonight's show, and which student will leave.

At lunch Alistair said: "I just don't want to go now."

"You're gonna feel terrible whoever goes out tonight," Peter added, then said he was simply going to do his best.

"It's weird that in eight hours you'll know whether you're gonna go home or not," said the indie kid.

Day 51: Friday 26 September

The day had an exciting start for Peter and Carolynne.

They found out they had been invited to present a gong at the Capital Gold Awards.

Before they left, Carolynne and Alex had a curious conversation.

They seemed to be talking in code and it was impossible to work out the topic.

Maybe it was about Carolynne's developing friendship with indie kid Peter?

Alistair had a heart-to-heart with Jeremy.

Speaking about the semi-final, he said: "I just want to get on with it."

He was in a wistful mood.

"It could be anyone of us," he mused. "I just think it would be really good this week."

Alex, meanwhile, seemed uncomfortable about getting into the final three.

"Everyone wants it much more than me," she told Jeremy.

However, she also admitted that being on TOTP was "the biggest day" of her life - and that she'd like to make loads of albums.

Day 50: Thursday 25 September

Kev decided to help the students relax. So on came the soothing William Orbit CD...Kev said softly, "Good. Total relaxation. Nice even breaths, in and out."

Have Peter and Carolynne declared their fondness for each other?

"Cause you started something why can't you see," the Leeds beauty smiled, "Ever since we met you've had a hold on me."

"Look what has happened with just one kiss, I never knew I could be in love like this," the Colchester rocker crooned.

This love scene took place in full daylight and in song rehearsals, with Vocal Coach Carrie keeping an eye on the pair.

During vocal class, Alex's and Carrie small talk broke out about last night's trip to Top of the Pops. Carrie revealed that Minnie Driver thinks the Cornish lass is fab!

"No way!" Alex swooned, looking like a child in a toyshop.

Day 49: Wednesday 24 September

Alex is not a happy bunny.

She's started complaining about the way Pete and Carolynne are flirting.

In a one to one with Alistair, she said: "I'm not in the best of moods."

When he asked what was up, she was fairly straight to the point: "The Pete and Carolynne thing, it's doing my head in."

Alistair didn't know where the flirty pair actually stood with one another.

Alex didn't care. She just said: "I want them to wait."

Peter was a bit sheepish after his bust up with Dance teacher Kevin. He apologised for his outburst yesterday, but said sorry in such a half-hearted way he hardly seemed to mean it.

The students seemed to be struggling with their chosen group song this week.

They'll all be singing California Dreaming by the Mamas and the Papas.

Alistair and Peter are singing the main parts, and the girls will be doing the harmonies - if they remember, that is!.

Alex and Carolynne seemed more bothered about picking fluff off each others tops than singing - and singing coach David didn't seem too impressed.

They missed their cue, which he sternly pointed out.

The giggly girls managed to pull themselves together to get ready for the big show.

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