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  Daily Academy goss: week seven
Updated 19 September 2003, 14.25

You can catch what's happening in the Fame Academy every day, right here.

Day 48: Tuesday 23 September

Good Morning?

Once again, there were grumblings and mumblings about the early hour of Kev's fitness class. "What's the time?" Kev shouted, as the final four wandered in."Too early," a disgruntled Peter retorted.

"Haven't got time? Who do you think you are?"... and Pete had incited yet more wrath in Kevin.

"There's someone who'd got too big for his boots," and the trio of Carolynne, Alex and Alistair, shuffled around looking embarrassed.

Has the pressure finally got to Pete?

Kevin continued, but at the end he walked upstairs to Peter's bedroom.

"We can't, as an Academy, have that kind of behaviour," Kevin began, "Do you think that's acceptable, the way you act?"

But Pete butted in: "There's one way of saying to someone 'Oh you're late'. There's rudeness and there's treating people like human beings, I can only take so much in this whole thing."

Alistair has been pondering Pete's blow-up with Kevin today, and told Alex and Jeremy he thinks the Indie kid is "losing it" a bit...

"I mean, Pete is shooting himself in the foot. I mean, what is there, ten days left, twelve? It's like he's losing the plot a bit really."

Later and the Yorkshire balladeer was joined by Jeremy. Al told him everything. "Remember who you are and get on with it, and just remember how lucky you are?" Jez asked rhetorically.

Alex's appearances on Top Of The Pops and in live gigs have all made an impact on her: "I can't believe it, really, it's amazing. I was going to sleep last night and still couldn't believe it.

"I'm so excited. It doesn't feel real though; it's like everything we do in here doesn't feel real!"

"Brent Cross and Covent Garden were madness but there were so many more people in Manchester.

"It was just a brilliant day, going up on the train, having a day out and being able to let go a bit."

Well done Allex!

Day 47: Monday 22 September

Killer Kevin

The gang mistakenly presumed there would be no dance or exercise sesh this morning because they're off on a trip to Radio One at 10:30am. But they were wrong. "YOU'RE LATE FOR CLASS!" Kevin roared at them.

And after the toughest of all workouts, Kevin left saying: "Do you know what? I am so glad I am not sitting watching this - 'cos that was abysmal!"

Blimey...we bet they won't be late for class again!

Peter thinks Alistair and Alex are favourites to win. But this is what he told us about James: "He was the best musician; he was wicked on the guitar and piano. He was also really funny and it's not been funny since."

James also had plenty to say about his experiences: "You don't realise how much pressure you're under," he told us. "After the show, we went back to the hotel with my girlfriend and family and talked until six in the morning, I couldn't sleep." And on the future James said: "I think I'll definitely go with the band option, but for now, I'm going to chill out and see how it goes."

The students arrived back at the Academy after their stint on Jo Whiley's Radio One show. All of them performed for Jo's listeners, who were then asked to call in and vote for their favourite.

And the winner? West Country wonder Alex received a whopping 41% of the listeners' votes, with Alistair a very close second with 38%.

Alex will perform on Top Of The Pops this Friday. Definitely not a show you'll want to miss!

Day 46: Sunday 21 September

There were tears and hugs as the students re-entered The Academy after James' expulsion last night.

Just before bedtime Peter and Carolynne had a heart-to-heart in the garden. The other students aren't that chuffed with the couple - they don't reckon rocking Pete is quite right for Carolynne.

After a Sunday lie-in and a fried breakfast, the final four have been practising their tunes for tomorrow's performances on Jo Whiley's Radio One show.

Alistair's been really miserable all morning, wandering around looking very down.

He's really missing his pal James, and the Oasis fan looked thoroughly dejected at the prospect of facing a day in The Academy without his partner in crime.

This Sunday morning has been anything but 'easy' for the students, who've been getting dolled up to shoot their forthcoming album cover.

The students yawned their way through the photo shoot - and were very grateful that the make-up artists were there to work their magic on their tired faces!

Day 45: Saturday 20 September

Saturday nerves

James and Alistair plan to give their best performances yet - if not, they fear it could be curtains for them.

As they checked out clothes in the Dance Studio, they chatted about the big night:

"I've got quite excited about tonight now," Alistair began, "If I go, so be it."

"You aren't going anywhere, you," James set him straight. "Public vote, BBC Three vote - hard core! It's looking good for you son.

"In all honesty James, I think anything could happen," Alistair replied. "I think I could not get in, I think you could not get in, I think Alex could probably not even...well maybe not Alex.

"I think Carolynne, it's such a big song," he went on. "You get those big notes, people love that. I wouldn't be surprised if Carolynne got voted in."

"But then you're faced with Peter and Alex, and there's no way the teachers will pick us over them," James added gloomily.

"Unless you did an absolutely amazing performance," Alistair reminded him, "but I don't think they see me as ever doing that anyway.

"I know I've got to do something different," he added, determinedly.

"I don't like Alex's song," James said, changing the subject. "I'm not knocking her or anything, I just don't like the song."

"It doesn't sound easy to sing at all," Ali agreed. "I think she's probably home and dry at the final. But you just never know."

"All or nothing I think tonight, for us, isn't it?" James said.

"Yeah. I'm not gonna have the fear tonight though, I'm just gonna do it.

"Good man," James said.

Day 44: Friday 19 September

Dressing with style!

Today started with a wake-up call with a difference.

It was done by radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman.

The students were shocked to hear her voice.

But they got their act together in time to perform a Fame Academy jingle composed by a competition winner live on the radio.

Alistair as chuffed when Edith told him he was coming across as a "comedy genius".

Later in the day, the students had an appointment with a stylist from a record company.

They got to choose their outfits from a pile of clothes put together with their image in mind.

Carolynne's wardrobe was strictly rock chick, while Alex's was filled with combats and T-shirts.

Peter was delighted to be choosing his get-up from a quirky selection, including colourful shirts.

James and Alistair have a more conventional style.

James was given a worn leather jacket to wear, while Alistair went for a long-sleeved white shirt.

They'll be wearing the gear for an upcoming photo shoot.

Day 43: Thursday 18 September

From TOTP to Manchester

Carolynne and James spent last night designing T-shirts. While adding the final touches to their snazzy creations, Kevin appeared to check on them.

James and Kevin then moved to the stairs to talk. The teacher advised James saying: "There's everything to play for, it's all about winning."

Then Kevin took Carolynne to the dining room, where she cried on his shoulder. "You're still here," Kevin reminded her warmly.

Peter, Alex and Alistair returned from Top Of The Pops after 9pm, and filled James and Carolynne in on which famous faces they'd spotted.

James had a chat with Daniel Bedingfield - who told him to stop putting so much emphasis on his image and to concentrate on his music, and being true to himself.

It was a particularly pleasant start to the day as the gang received letters from family and friends, and there was no Kevin to get them in a sweat.

Soon it was time for the gang to get on with the group warm-up in the dance studio in preparation for vocal coaching.

"I am feeling very tired," Carolynne sang. "I have got a crazy head," Alex joined in. "Please let me out on bail," Carolynne added.

Later on David ran after Alex once the lesson was finished to find out what was bothering the glum girl. "I'm tired and my head's full of songs," the rock chick said. "You don't have to remember Saturday's songs today," the friendly tutor said. "Don't freak out about Saturday yet, it's only Thursday."

You all know that the students have already performed in London's Brent Cross and Covent Garden, but if you want more, then now's your chance to watch the final five in action!

This evening, 18 September, you can see your favourite students perform at Manchester's Trafford Centre from 6pm. Don't miss it!

Day 42: Wednesday 17 September

Love is in the air

Carolynne was crowned Lawn Darts champion and she was awarded with a cool date for her efforts. She spent ages fussing with her hair, painting her nails, re-applying lippy and fretting as girl pal Alex danced about the bedroom.

After over an hour of preparation, and lots of laughter, she met her date - actor Paul Danan, from Hollyoaks!

Carolynne was a bit nervous at first, but then the pair sat down for food and a chat, and they chatted about music, films, festivals and Ground Force!

By the end of the evening they were getting on really well, but then Caz had to leave. Shame!

When her Academy mates asked about her date, Caz said: "It was very, very good, thank you."

David Blaine

Their fitness session got off to a stormer when Kev lost his warm-up CD, and Peter got a roasting from the man with no pain barriers.

Kev's mood mellowed eventually and suddenly he asked: "Who would you wanna bump into and why?" "Shania Twain's husband," said Carolynne; "I'm not sure..." muttered Alex.

Kevin told the students he'd like to meet Sinead O'Connor. Peter said Liam Gallagher, Alistair opted for Vic Reeves and James went for illusionist David Blaine.

Star Bar!

Alex and Alistair have discovered they'll be making an appearance on Top Of The Pops. They'll spend the evening behind the scenes including a backstage tour and a visit to the Star Bar.

"NO!" came Peter's astounded response. "They're leaving me and James here," grumbled Caz.

Later Carolynne broke down in tears during her vocal coaching lesson as she attempted to perfect her version of Celine Dion's ballad, Think Twice.

"Why am I scared of it? Can I do this?" she asked. "Definitely," Carrie told her.

Carrie tried to reassure her: "You should rip this up... you haven't put in a sub-standard performance for weeks."

"I need to go and have a meeting with myself - that's what me and my friends say!" Caz concluded

And we will be waiting to see what happens next!!

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