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  I met the head of the Orcs!
Updated 17 September 2003, 16.56
Hopefully kids won't be too scared at the exhibition
By Philip Westerman
CBBC Newsround at the LOTR Exhibition

When Newsround sent me on an assignment to a museum, I thought I'd be having a quiet time looking at stone age carvings or something.

I was checking out some old armour when a sudden noise made me turn round.

Charging towards me was a six and a half foot orc waving a massive sword!

This model of Gollum is there
This model of Gollum is there
After I was persuaded to come out from under the table where I had, erm, fallen, I found out this massive hulk of hair and teeth was just an actor.

It was Lawrence Makoare, who played Lurtz, head of the Uruk-Hai in Fellowship of the Ring.

He was there to help open the Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

Awesome make-up

His make-up was awesome. He looked like a real orc - not that I know many real orcs.

I stopped being scared when, through a mouth-full of false fangs, he said, "Thish coshtume'sh really hot. Can I get a glassh of water?"

I felt pretty sorry for the New Zealand actor - when he was making the film, he had to be in make-up at ten at night to start filming at five the next morning!

He plays another big character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

In the next film, Return of the King, you'll see him as the head of the Black Riders, the Witch King.

Sauron's armour is there too
Sauron's armour is there too
The exhibition was great, with a couple of quite spooky bits, especially the full-size model of Boromir actor Sean Bean, which looks like it's going to wake up at any minute.

Fans of the films will soon be able to check the exhibition out, then watch the first two films.

The Science Museum will be showing Fellowship of the Ring and the Two Towers from September 19.

For real fans, there will be some special double bills - that's one film after another.

Six hours in the cinema - now that is scary!

Tickets are selling fast for the exhibition - organisers recommend booking in advance.

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