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  Daily Academy goss: week six
Updated 13 September 2003, 11.50

You can catch what's happening in the Fame Academy every day, right here.

Day 41: Tuesday 16 September

I have a dream

Peter told voice coach David that he dreams of being a huge rock star, selling 20 billion records in a week.

This confession came during David's regular Q&A with the students.

Peter went on to say he wants to be like the Vines, The Libertines and White Stripes.

"In three years' time, where do you wanna be?" David asked.

"Working on my second album after a great first album, that's got to number one with a few top fives under my belt... this is fantasy innit?!" Pete laughed.

"I want people to say: 'He's actually changed the face of music - he's created "Pete-rock," he said wistfully.

Love is in the air

During voice training today, three of the students told David they had written a song about him and Carrie.

"We wrote a love song about two people in the building who work here. Vocal coaches, dunno if you know them?" Alistair explained.

After some more teasing, they started singing their love song which also included chicken tikka masala and Skegness.

But just as their warbling died down, David got his own back with a song about the students:

"Audley was the first to go" David started, "then Nick with his saxophone...
And then Lorna went away...
and then Gary didn't stay..."

"Next one to leave was Simone...
And then Louise went home...
Then big Barry got the chop...
And then Paris did the hop," he trilled.

Expect to see the single in the shops by Friday.

Day 40: Monday 15 September

James gets happy!

James made a shock announcement today - he said he was going to stop moaning.

After weeks of grumbling, the Cardiff lad's mood changed when he received an invite to a film premiere.

Carolynne's going with him. They're going to see The Italian Job.

"I'll stop whinging now - for an hour at least," said James.

Earlier, the students had spoken to Kevin about their performances on Saturday's showdown.

"It wasn't the best one, but it was cool," said Carolynne.

Peter was more upbeat about his turn, saying: "I thought it was one of my better performances."

Alistair thought he'd done all right too, adding: "It was better than last week."


Alex wasn't too pleased with her performance, though.

"I just couldn't give it all," she sighed.

James said he was surprised to stay in the Academy.

"I was convinced I was going home, so were my girlfriend and family," he said.

Kevin then gave him a harsh lesson on keeping the viewers on his side.

"Stop going on about your girlfriend. It's not helping your fans," the fitness instructor barked.

Day 39: Sunday 14 September

Bye-bye Paris!

After loosing the public vote and the teacher vote, Paris faced the student vote... and lost.

The remaining students went to celebrate staying in, and making it to the last five.

They all reckoned Paris would do well for himself outside the Academy.

"I think, if anyone, Paris probably has a certain career, no matter what he does," Alistair said.

But they were all pretty chuffed to have made it this far, and indie kid Peter pointed out that they would probably all get record deals now, no matter what.

"The real winner of this whole thing is the one who brings out the best record and has a long career," he told the remaining students.

Alex panic

Favourite-to-win Alex reckoned she hadn't done as well as she could, but the Peter comforted her.

He said "You've lovely style, that comes across even if the vocals aren't 100%."

This morning had a great surprise for Alex and Alistair and a massive whinge from James.

Alex and Alistair are off to Radio 1's One Big Sunday in Cardiff - James' home town!

While the lucky pair packed their bags ready to get away, James started a monster moan. Here are the edited highlights:

Gigantic whinge

First he complained, "I just don't see the logic in that. I haven't been out."

He went on, ""That's like - rub my nose in it. It's outrageous. They've clearly got their favourites, haven't they."

And on, "It's just unfair, isn't it?"

And on, "I'm just frustrated, I just want to go out."

He finally stopped, ""I'm not going to whinge any longer."

But promptly carried on: "It would have seemed fair if you (Alistair) and me had gone."

Poor fella.

Day 38: Saturday 13 September

Teacher talk

In preparation for the big showdown, all the teachers got together for a chat about all the students on Friday evening.

They were very honest about their thoughts on all of the remaining pupils.

James came in for a lot of praise. All the teachers thought that not getting the public vote last week really pushed him.

"He's said 'if I need to get better, I will get better'," said David.

They were a little more mixed about Alex. Carrie and David thought she had a bit of room for improvement, but Richard and Kevin thought she was head and shoulders above everyone else.

Played out

Paris' future doesn't look good, as all the teachers reckoned he was out of options. Kevin thought that he'd played all his cards, and had nothing left to offer.

Peter impressed most of them, and Richard said: "He has what lot of the others would give their right foot for."

Everyone thought Carolynne was a good singer, but nothing else. "She's not a winner for me," thought Kevin.

Whitby lad Alistair might be a good songwriter, but all the teachers pointed out that if he carried on being moody, he might get the boot.

Time for fun

But the students had a bit of fun themselves. While Alex and Carolynne were having a night of pampering upstairs, the boys were given a fun task.

They had to choose a date for Carolynne from a selection of three blokes.

And when they chose him, Carolynne was told all about it.

"I can't believe they let the boys pick," the Leeds lady laughed.

Well, we'll have to see how it, and the showdown, goes...

Day 37: Friday 12 September

Gotta get thru' this class!

Daniel Bedingfield came into the Academy this afternoon to conduct a masterclass.

"This is my first time on a reality TV show, I'm very excited," Daniel confided. "Is there a chance to hang out before we start?"

Daniel went on to conduct a class in song writing and talked about "the fine line between getting a hit and being open in your writing", and how he wanted them all to be as "honest" as possible.

The class ended with a chance for the students to ask questions.

"Lend us a fiver," Peter said, after learning about Daniel's success.

One to one

After the class, Daniel stayed around to work with Carolynne on their duet together for Saturday's live show.

To start Daniel belted out the song for her and voice coach David.

"I don't know how to teach people," the modest hitmaker confessed.

"This is a good way of doing it," David assured him, encouraging Carolynne to join in on the song.

Quiz time

Jeremy is hosting question times with each of the students next week and YOU can ask the questions.

Is there anything you want to know about the students? Their past, their time in the Academy, their hopes for the future, their musical tastes?

All you have to do is think up a question (use your imagination), and email it to...

Please make sure you put the name of the student you're asking the question to - or write GROUP if you want to ask the question to all of them.

Also, put PDP in the subject line of your email, or we won't get it!

Kevin chats

After Alistair's recent bad mood, Kevin seems to have taken it upon himself to have a chat with a different student each day to find out how they're doing.

It was Alex's turn today, and she was asked to talk about Saturday's upcoming show.

"I've got a feeling that I'll be in the bottom three," Alex confessed.

Day 36: Thursday 11 September

CBBC vote

Alistair and Alex have won the chance to perform their new songs on CBBC this evening.

And the winner from the two of them gets to warble their own tune on Saturday's showdown.

It was BBC3's viewers that short listed the two students, and CBBC's who will narrow it down further.

Moody Alistair

Kevin spotted a miserable-looking Alistair after the dance class and took him aside for a chat.

"I just wanna get out of here... not completely, just a trip or a jaunt - 'cos me and James haven't really had one," Alistair whinged.

And that wasn't all. Al went on to moan about his identity, his place in The Academy and whether anyone has even noticed him.

Kevin then launched into a pep talk which seemed to perk Alistair up a little bit.

Wrong side of the bed?

But Kevin got fed up with all the students this morning, after he walked into the dance studio to find them all looking miserable.

They were grumbling about the early hours and Peter said he was: "So tired, I can't even stand up".

But Kevin was having none of it. After wailing of the "paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain" he endured, it was time for another bout of thinking.

He asked the students what tune they would pick if they could sing just one song before they left.

Quick as a flash came James' reply: "If I Ever Lose My Faith by Sting, or We've Got To Get Out Of This Place."

Alistair said Friday I'm In Love by The Cure, after a lot of umming.

Alex instantly chose Nothing Compares 2 U.

Peter said: "Anything by the Libertines," which raised a few eyebrows.

"I would like to sing Purple Rain but, at the same time, I've been told it would be too karaoke," said Paris.

And finally, after much indecision, Carolynne picked I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt.

It's amazing they ever have time to do any fitness workouts with all the talking they do.

Day 35: Wednesday 10 September


Alistair and Paris have been writing some of their own songs in the Academy this morning.

Paris helped Alistair croon his way through a couple of tunes before picking an up-tempo number as his favourite.

After having praise heaped on him by Paris, Alistair decided to help out Alex with her song writing.

He suggested changing a few chords to make it less "folksy".

And then Alex came full circle and heaped praise on Paris' tune.

Fave memories

With those words, Kevin tried to start an 80s-themed dance lesson.

However, surrounded by youngsters, Kevin only got blank looks.

So instead, the dance master asked them what memory they would take from the house if they left on Saturday.

"That's tough, I dunno," Carolynne mumbled. But then added: "Probably the night that we got in".

Paris' answer was equally short: "Probably last week's performance".

Peter also chose his last performance.

Alex chose the non-showbiz "a really nice evening sitting on the steps" chatting with Carolynne and Louise all night.

Alistair said: "My best would be this week. I enjoyed the programme and singing my song. It was a good laugh, good fun."

Homesick James summed up his best memory as: "Every week when your [family] turn up for you, the lengths people have gone to come and see you."


Then Kevin, feeling generous, told Peter he could pick what type of lesson they did.

"If it's not going back to bed, then that laying on the floor doing that listening thing," came Peter's response, which made Paris nearly curl up on the floor with laughter.

He meant Kev's 'visualisation class'. Kev looked horrified and pretended to be offended but then laughed along with the students.

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