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  Star Wars fans seek film role for internet kid
Updated 05 September 2003, 11.57
Ghyslain has become an internet star
Thousands of Star Wars fans are rallying together to try and get a Canadian boy a part in the next film.

They hope it will make 15-year-old Ghyslain feel better after he was embarrassed by a video of him pretending to use a light sabre was put on the internet.

So far more than 83,000 people have put their names to an online petition that they're planning on sending to Star Wars director George Lucas.

The petition has had thousands of signatures
The petition has had thousands of signatures
Ghyslain made a video of himself as part of a school project, but when some of his classmates found it they put it on the internet.

It was so popular that millions of people watched it, and now Ghyslain's known as the "Star Wars Kid" - but his family aren't happy about it.

Fans made new versions

They're taking the other kids to court because they say the release of the two-minute clip has made it really difficult for him to cope with the attention.

Will Ghyslain be a jedi in Episode III?
Will Ghyslain be a jedi in Episode III?
Lots of different versions of the original video have now been made, and Ghyslain is now one of the most famous people on the web.

Now thousands of of Star Wars fans have now decided to try and make things better for Ghyslain by getting him a part in Episode III of Star Wars - due in cinemas in 2005.

The person who started the petition told the Newsround website that he hopes that Ghylsain will realise how much support he's got all over the world.

One fan who signed the petition said: "I will stand up and cheer when I see him on screen."

Another said: "Let's make the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to this kid, the best thing as well."

Lucasfilm, who make the Star Wars films, told Newsround: "Obviously there has been a tremendous show of support for Ghyslain with tens of thousands of fans rallying around him.

"However, we are deeply saddened by the current situation and any difficulties this unwanted publicity might be causing him and his family."

Hear storyHear story

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