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  Daily Academy goss: week five
Updated 09 September 2003, 15.30

You can catch what's happening in the Fame Academy every day, right here.

Day 34: Tuesday 9 September

Spiky by nature

Alex has been letting rip about some of her fellow students.

Spilling all to Kev, the spiky one complained that Peter was "embarrassing at the TV Quick awards" and James' mood has "done a full U-turn".

James has apparently told Alex that he wants to go home and said to her that if he's in the bottom two, then he hopes to be voted off.

But Alex reckons the shock of his disappointing rehearsal the other day has made him pick up a bit.

Anyone for ballet?

After a workout, the students had a new surprise. It was ballet time.

There was much sniggering among the boys as they tried on the shoes.

But while they had to wear the shoes, Kevin wasn't going as far as making them dance to ballet style music.

Instead, Kevin played a thumping baseline for the students to tendu, plie and turn on demi-pointe to.

And at the end, as a special treat, they all get to keep their shoes because ballet will be back!

Baling out

Alistair's guilt got the better of him this morning, after he 'borrowed' a bale of hay last night.

So when he woke up this morning he sheepishly lugged the straw back to the CBBC studio.

Although all the guilt in the world couldn't have stopped his bad jokes about clearing up the mess:

"It's like looking for a needle in a haystack," he joked. Then he added: "I got bale!"

Oh dear, better stick to the singing Alistair.

Day 33: Monday 8 September

And then there were six

After the show was over, the six survivors took time to reflect on their performances and Barry's expulsion. Alex, Peter and Carolynne were ecstatic, hugging each other and jumping around. Carolynne gushed at Pete and Alex: "You were both so good! I'm so relieved that I got through."

Later, looking at Barry's empty bed, the guys praised their expelled mate. "It was a good way for Barry to go out," Alistair said, and James agreed, saying that Baz had done the Robbie Williams song Feel justice.

Play it again

Vocal coaches Carrie and David and head teacher Richard Park entered the Academy just after 9pm and got straight down to reviewing the students' live performances. This is what they said:


David said: "It had vibe and energy." But Carrie was less impressed. She said: "As a performance, I didn't find it convincing," and added that, in her opinion, James just isn't a credible rock singer.


After she belted out U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, the teachers had different views about her performance "It's such a disillusioned song, but I think you carried it off," Carrie said. But David said: "It's the first song that you sang that didn't feel like you wrote it, because it didn't feel like you would write a lyric like that."


Al performed This Old Heart Of Mine. David said: "I think, if you'd done another ballad, you'd have ended up in the hospitality tent." Oh dear!


Her version of Little Lies impressed everyone. Richard Park said: "I think you have advanced so much as a performer, and that carried you through that performance".


"That was the best performance of the night for me," Carrie smiled. Richard asked the indie kid what he wanted to do next. "I feel I've got some direction now and I'm going to go even more extreme with my vocals," came the reply.


Paris watched back his performance of More Than Words very seriously. "I hate it," he muttered. Richard kind of agreed but added: "But you've done enough good work for people to give you the up."

To round off the session, Richard Park said: "I think that was the best show," and with that surprising confession, the teachers were off, leaving the students to relax for the rest of the night.

The change in James

There's been a remarkable change in James: he confessed he's now enjoying The Fame Academy experience. James told Jeremy: "I had this unbelievable support from my girlfriend and my family. I'm gonna hang in there and stop complaining about it."

Day 32: Sunday 7 September

It looks like James is preparing himself to be expelled from the Academy tonight - or win the whole competition. Confused? He was.

He told Barry that he'd had enough of life in the spotlight.

"The whole surrounding, I just can't face it anymore," he sighed.

He went on to admit that he didn't really want to be famous anymore.

"So you're just not up for it no more then?" Barry asked.

"No," James admitted.

But he also said that he was prepared to go on to win the whole competition. But why?

His reasons are quite simple: "To get a cash prize," he said.

The rest of the boys seemed more worried about what they were wearing on the live show tonight.

They all showed up before eight in the morning to chose their outfits for tonight, and Paris was there at seven to sort his hair out.

Only indie kid Peter kept apart - he just looked through the door of the Dance Studio before heading off for some peace and quiet on the terrace.

Day 31: Saturday 6 September

The students have been given an interesting task for next week - dressing up as their music idols for a magazine shoot.

James said he wanted to be Sting, while Alistair fancied coming over all rock and roll as Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher.

Paris said he might be Prince or Lenny Kravitz, while Barry toyed with being Robbie Williams or Elvis.

There was a chilled-out vibe in Kevin's class this morning.

He got the students lying down listening to relaxing music.

He got them to pretend they were floating on clouds!

Kevin's question of the day was: "Who would you bring back into the Academy?"

Carolynne and Alistair plumped for Louise, while Alex and Paris wanted to see Simone again.

Alex had a heart-to-heart with Jeremy.

She said the Academy had given her confidence.

"I never used to perform. I never had the guts to do it," she revealed.

Alex said the students' showcase at London's Brent Cross shopping centre had been a boost.

"People are actually watching," she said.

Day 30: Friday 5 September

Kevin baffled the students this morning by beginning the dance class with the question: what kind of hair gel do you use?

Baffled, the students just laughed at their dance coach.

Kevin then shared the fact he uses cocoa butter on his locks before asking them what seemed to be his REAL question of the day: who would the students like to come to the Academy for a masterclass?

Carolynne said she's like to be taught by Shania Twain or Cyndi Lauper, where as Barry opted for his musical idol, Robbie Williams.

After class Kevin joined Alex and Paris on the sofa for a chat about the student's Brent Cross shopping centre performance - and what it was like dealing with fans.

"It was crazy; people shaking and crying 'cos they want to touch you. I was like, 'what?' It's just mad and it was a nightmare to get out," said Alex.

Later on Barry and Paris had a chat about how they're dealing with living in the Academy.

Day 29: Thursday 4 September

Kevin's fitness class wasn't just about exercise this morning.

The students also got a grilling from their teacher, who asked them what they'd change about the world.

Alex and Carolynne had their families on their minds.

Alex said she'd like her parents to give up work. Carolynne wished she could spend more time with her folks.

Peter, meanwhile, wanted world peace and an end to hurt and suffering.

Paris's demands were less complicated - he just wanted better food in the Academy!

There was a blow for James when it turned out the students could only perform songs they've written in the academy, or on their own.

James has a song-writing partner outside the Academy - meaning it's impossible for him to perform his fave material.

He was really grumpy, saying: "Ninety-nine per cent of me doesn't want to be here now."

Later, he even admitted he might be voted off on Sunday - the day this week's expulsion is taking place.

"I've got a feeling I might go," said the Cardiff lad.

Barry had a heart-to-heart with Carrie, admitting: "I'm not that confident."

He said he started feeling left out after coming back from his isolation period, when he had a sore throat.

Barry also admitted that Paris had been getting on his nerves because of his constant singing.

"He must have sung for two and a half hours last night," Barry grumbled.

Day 28: Wednesday 3 September

It looks like Alex is feeling a bit down, as she admitted on Tuesday that she was considering leaving.

"I don't wanna walk out and be someone who couldn't take Fame Academy, but then also, I'm not gonna stay if I'm really not happy," she told tutor Jeremy and fellow student Alistair.

Three students won a mini-party that night for their song-writing skills - James, Alistair and Paris got to mess around and enjoy a mini-pool table.

But the next morning they felt worse as Kevin worked them hard in his dance class.

He had a bit of a go after Barry, shall we say, passed gas.

"I find it hard enough to breathe as it is without extra pollution," he said. "I don't wanna smell it...If you have to do it, you can leave."

There was a better atmosphere (if you know what we mean) in Carrie's vocal training class.

She got all the students to perform in the style of one another.

When it came to Peter, everyone jumped around like loonies on hot coals, but the indie lad took it well.

Well toned Paris has surely made the whole country hate him by complaining that he was losing weight.

The muscled singer seems to think he's wasting away to nothing.

When he asked what he should do, Carolynne answered for us all - "Stop moaning about it," she said.

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