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  Daily house goss: week nine
Updated 24 July 2003, 17.59
Big Brother house goss!
You can catch up with what's happening inside the Big Brother 4 house everyday, right here!

Week nine

Day 63: Thursday 24 July

The housemates woke up this morning to find Christmas had come early.

Opening the store room, the housemates found all they need for a proper Christmas.

There's a Christmas tree, decorations, presents and even a reindeer with a sledge!

Not too mention all the food. Even without Gos, they're making a huge feast.

Big Brother had one final surprise for them too - Christmas cards from loved ones for each of the housemates!

All this, even though they'd failed hopelessly in their task.

They had to answer questions on one another's opinions on lots of different issues.

They needed to get 11 right, but only managed eight.

Generous old Big Brother gave them a fondue party to reward their efforts.

But the rather short-of-brains bunch forgot to read the instructions on the fondue set.

This meant they heated up cheese over the stove, cracking the pot.

Then, not realising they'd been given two fondues - one cheese, one chocolate, they dipped the chocolate in the cheese!

Mmmm, nice.

Day 62: Wednesday 23 July

The housemates only have two more days together and they're finally getting to know Cameron.

Steph pluckily tried to get some goss on the shy Orkney fish man.

"So, you've never had your heart broken, then?" she tried.

But the quiet Scottish bloke wouldn't admit that he had.

Steph tried a bit of digging and asked what had happened with his girlfriend.

"Och no," the shy fella responded, "Things just finished up."

Pretty obviously, no-one believed him.

They kept asking and probing, till he embarrassedly covered his face.

In the end, all they could get out of him was that she had gone off to college and things hadn't worked out.

All Steph had left to do today was sweep up (as usual) and watch the chickens with Cam.

Jon decided to try baking and has made a loaf of bread.

It looks like they're all saving their energy for the possible party on Thursday - which depends on today's task.

Then it's the night they've all been dreading, Friday's final eviction!

Day 61: Tuesday 22 July

Everyone is being very quiet in the house this morning, after the 60s party last night.

It got a bit out of hand last night!

Ray (who else!) naughtily graffitied a statue in the reward room and Jon made sure the room was nice and messy.

Stern words from BB followed for Ray, who was told in the diary room "Big Brother will not tolerate vandalism."

Jon decided his mess was modern art and added some potato wedges to the walls.

Day 60: Monday 21 July

The housemates are all in a bit of a mood.

Big Brother decided that there were too many books in the house after Tania and Gos left their's behind when they were evicted.

So the house mates had to bring the offending volumes to the diary room.

Unsurprisingly, angry Irishman Ray got a bit miffed at this.

It looked like he was ready to go into a big rant when he got worried.

"Is it 'cos we're not conversing enough?"

Steph thought it was, and that Big Brother wanted the housemates to talk more.

But because of the ban on talking about lots of topics in preparation for the final task, they might not have much to talk about.

Sounds like the final week in the house is going to be really interesting.

Jon, who can't win the 70,000 top prize, has told Big Brother again that he thinks Cameron has a cunning plan to win on Friday.

He thinks Cameron is not being honest ahead of this week's task, by refusing to talk about certain subjects he thinks will make him unpopular.

He added that he liked Cameron as a person, but isn't keen on the way he holds himself back.

He also commented on the idea that it would be difficult for someone to pretend to be someone else for the nine weeks of the show.

Jon told Big Brother he didn't think it would be impossible to do it, and suggested Cameron is giving it a "jolly good go".

Day 59: Sunday 20 July

The housemates have been set their final task.

Any time between now and Wednesday, they will be called into the diary room to discuss their opinions on everything from politics to what makes them laugh.

Then on Wednesday, they will have a test where they will try to guess their fellow housemates' opinions.

If they get a score of 75% or more they'll be treated to a party on Thursday night - their last in the house.

The housemates are obviously feeling festive as they chose Christmas as the party theme over Bollywood and monster mash.

Jon said he loved the new game, describing it as "brilliant".

The housemates made the mistake of beginning to discuss their opinions - and promptly got a telling off from BB!

They have just one more night left in their reward room after mixed success in their needle in the haystack challenge.

The found just two needles (which were really foam sticks) out of a possible five after running out of time.

Earlier, Jon had got two questions wrong in a quiz set by Big Brother - meaning two of the housemates had to hunt for needles wearing boxing gloves.

Two needles meant they got two nights in the reward room, which had been decorated in a 1960s-style.

They also got dressing-up clothes, and the boys took it in turns to model Steph's blonde wig.

Day 58: Saturday 19 July

The housemates have been given their final live challenge - and it involves finding needles in a haystack!

If they succeed, they'll be able to go into the reward room together for the first time.

The more needles they find, the more nights they will get to spend in the reward room.

Earlier, the housemates had been chilling out and enjoying the sunshine after the excitement of Nush's eviction.

It left Cameron, Steph, Ray and Scott to battle it out for the show's 70,000 prize.

It seems Nush's departure has rattled her flirting partner Scott and Jon - the housemate who was voted back in but can't win.

Scott toddled off to the diary room to tell Big Brother how he'd miss Nush's "uniqueness".

Jon was a bit more open about his feelings.

He said she had most of the qualities he looks for in a woman.

"She's very bright and vivacious, and honest with her feelings," gushed Jon.

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