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  Brad Pitt chats to NR Showbiz
Updated 17 July 2003, 17.28
Brad Pitt
We always try to bring you big stars at Newsround, and you can't get much bigger than Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt.

The handsome star had a chat to Lizzie about his new animated film Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.

Here's the full interview.

Lizzie: What makes you do a film where you can't be seen?

Neices and nephews. Straight.

Lizzie: That simple?

I wanted to do something they could see.

Lizzie: You've never done an animation before?

No, I never had, and truthfully, the form, the quality's amazing, they're really pushing the media, so I want to step in and see what that's about for a bit.

Lizzie: Sinbad's very mischievous,

Yes he is, he's a bit of a rogue that one.

Lizzie: Are you like him?

No, no, never, I walk the straight and narrow. I've learned.

Lizzie: Now he risks his life for his friend. Would you go that far for a mate?

Well, he better be a pretty good mate, but yeah, if I have to. Certainly for my missus.

Brad Pitt
Lizzie: Are you romantic like Sinbad?

I would say yes, but my wife would probably tell you differently.

Lizzie: Now you're some one that's constantly in the public eye, travelling the world.

Yeah, that's not my fault.

Lizzie: Do you wish you were free like Sinbad?

Well we actually do pretty good, we find our time. We got freedom, it's possible.

Lizzie: Where would you go if you could sail the seas like Sinbad?

Well I like an island. He talks about Fiji a lot, I'd like some Fiji. I like the Carribean a lot.

Lizzie: He's obviously a cheeky pirate.

Yes he is.

Lizzie: If you could be remembered for one cheeky Sinbad pirate thing, what would it be?

I really don't have a clue. Don't know.

Lizzie: Is it a nice change to be in a film where you don't have to turn up and look great for everyone to see?

Well I kind of turned up like this really. Crawled out of bed, put a hat on and did the deed. Yes, so there was certainly no pressure that way.

Lizzie: How different was it for you as an actor who everyone knows for seeing your face, to be in a film where you're just heard?

Well, it was just another aspect of what we do I guess, and this one you're relying on your voice. For people with a theatre background, that's not out of the norm. But for me, I haven't had that training, so it was good to give that one a shot.

Lizzie: Did you find it quite hard?

No, I found it quite strange in the beginning, in a big glass box, and everyone's waiting for you to do something. But no, I settled in pretty quickly.

Lizzie: Presumably you didn't get to meet Catherine (Zeta Jones) or (Joseph Fiennes, his co-stars)

No, I just met Joseph today. Great guy.

Lizzie: What was it like meeting him? You hadn't had any conversations with him.

I said "How you doing? I really enjoyed working with you!" I hadn't met anyone till we finished.

Lizzie: Obviously Sinbad was the lead role. Are you pleased you had him and not Proteus?

I'm just pleased we had quality people all the way around. That's what you want.

Lizzie: I read that you are in the UK filming Troy..

I'm filming in Malta right now.

Lizzie: What do you think of the UK though?

I love the UK. I've been coming here for years. We're old friends.

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