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  Daily house goss: week eight
Updated 18 July 2003, 20.16
Big Brother house goss!
You can catch up with what's happening inside the Big Brother 4 house everyday, right here!

Week eight

Day 57: Friday 18 July

Cameron's was in the diary room earlier pondering what he wanted to happen.

He said he'd be glad to get booted out in one way, cos of all the "stress and heartache" there'll be next week.

But he also admitted he didn't really want to leave.

But stirrer Jon has not be mincing his words.

He told BB straight that he thought Cameron should go and he'd be "really disappointed" if Nush went instead.

He said Nush contributed much more to the house than Cam, and things wouldn't be much different if he left. Oooh!

Both Cameron and Nush have been showing signs of strain.

Nush had a bit of a private cry under her duvet. Was it fear over the eviction?

Or is she still upset about Wednesday's big argy-bargy?

If she does get evicted, she won't have long to wait to see the remaining housemates again.

With only a week to go, all of them are thinking about what life will be like on the outside.

None of them think that they'll have much trouble with the press.

In fact, they mostly seem to be thinking about meeting Davina.

Ray said he reckons that she is quite small.

But Steph thinks that she's big.

Ray responded, "There's only one person who knows," glaring at Jon, who was asleep on the sofa.

Operation Stinky Fish has finally come into effect.

Weeks ago, when the Big Brother Battle of the Sexes was in full swing, the lads hid a frozen fish head and chickpea water concoction under Justine's bed.

There wasn't much of a smell coming from it at first, but 50 days on it's starting to really hum!

"I've never smelt such a stink in all me life," Cameron announced, but wasn't letting on that he knew where it came from.

All the boys did, and kept schtum about their rotten practical joke.

Day 56: Thursday 17 July

Everyone's still caught up in last night's huge row between Steph and Ray.

Steph told BB she thought it had all got out of hand, and she didn't know why Nush had been in tears.

Nush and Scott admitted they feel stuck in the middle of it all.

They seemed to be on Ray's side, but Nush kept changing her mind as she chatted to her pal Scott.

"I am in the middle in a way," Nush moaned.

The row started during the celebrations after they successfully completed their opera task.

Steph thought Ray hadn't been sympathetic enough about how upset she was when she felt left out.

But Ray got the wrong end of the stick and he stormed off to have a cry in the bedroom!

He told Jon he hates Steph now and that he wished he'd nominated her instead of Nush.

Then he told Nush that, too.

And then she had a weep on Scott's shoulder later!

Of course, all this tension meant Steph carried on blubbing in the garden.

Meanwhile, Nush has been nursing her foot, trying to work out why it hurts so much after she caught it on the patio door.

Jon gave a tactful diagnosis saying it hurts "because you've got a big hole in it, woman".

Cameron, being equally unhelpful, pointed out that it looked like the Big Brother eye logo.

At least Nush's wound distracted the housemates from the other blood being drawn - over Ray and Steph's row!

Day 55: Wednesday 16 July

On a grey, rainy Wednesday, the housemates are spending most of the day inside.

But that's okay, as they are all getting really excited about tonight's opera task.

Steph is so into it that she's singing operatically whenever she's speaking.

But when it comes to actually rehearsing, she can't get through her duet with Nush without creasing up with laughter.

Cameron is enjoying himself too.

He's sitting outside, watching the rain, and singing his heart out.

Although he got an ear-bashing from Steph earlier about his lack of housekeeping skills.

Steph had a go at him for not putting cling film on leftovers in the fridge, and was then horrified when Cam admitted he'd only vacuumed at home once in two years and had NEVER cleaned his kitchen floor.

But the moans were forgotten when they got back into the opera task.

The housemates are having fun getting dressed up!

They've been given posh dresses, suits, wigs and make-up to prepare for the show.

Nush and Steph have been nominated as make-up artists - s'pose they have had more experience than the boys.

Steph did Cameron and Jon, and predictably, Nush did Scott's face.

Ray got into it though, and slapped loads of white paint all over his face.

And they're excited about the costumes too.

Cameron grabbed a fat suit, making the Orkney chap seem absolutely massive! Nush opted for a Viking costume, and Steph's in a long, blue dress.

Day 54: Tuesday 15 July

The waiting's over for some today, as the nominations were announced.

But for Cameron and Nush, it will only get worse.

They've been nominated for eviction at the end of the week.

But sneaky Jon decided to up the tension.

He told Ray he knew who had voted for who, and told him that whoever had voted for Nush had made a mistake.

After getting the shiny headed Irish bloke going, he strolled off, grinning.

Ray went into the living room and had a bit of a rant at Steph and Cameron.

"Jon's just said something weird and I don't like what he was insinuating."

After explaining, he was told to pay no attention by Steph, who then complained that everything was always about Nush!

Well, even though he can't win, it looks like Mr Tickle is going to come out of Big Brother 4 as a big, if slightly evil, star!

They also found out about their task for the week.

It's an opera one, and they've got to make up the words to some classical music and then sing them to Big Brother.

If they do well they'll get extra food and a party, but if they don't, then they'll get no food budget and no party either.

Day 53: Monday 14 July

Jon's return is causing a right stir in the house!

Jon kept tight-lipped about not being able to nominate or get nominated, and when Ray found out, he was furious.

"Did I forget to tell you I had immunity this week?" said sneaky Jon.

Elsewhere, Nush and Scott have been worried about what viewers will think about their flirting.

"As long as you're cool with it, I'm cool with it," said Nush.

Steph, who's normally really chirpy, is feeling a bit sorry for herself after Nush got asked into the reward room on Sunday.

She said she felt that everyone would choose Nush over her.

Jon immediately started playing games, and said he'd choose Nush straight away.

This morning, the housemates suddenly realised that, after having the chickens for seven weeks, they didn't know whether they were boys or girls!

Unfortunately, Jon wasn't awake, or he no doubt would have had some scientific explanation!

Day 52: Sunday 13 July

The housemates got a shock when BB revealed the details of this week's task - there isn't one!

The six contestants will get another go at the bingo challenge, with another pair getting to spend the night in the luxury 'hotel' room in the house.

Everyone thinks it's cos they want to see Scott and Nush in there to see if they carry on flirting.

But Nush, already worried that her boyfriend on the outside has broken up with her, seems really worried in case she wins.

Ray and Cameron got teased in the morning when they came out of the 'girlie' reward room.

The pair won the Saturday night bingo task which meant they could stay in a posh hotel-style room for the night, complete with room service and a choice of DVDs to watch.

But the room was quite feminine and romantic, so the lads got teased.

Day 51: Saturday 12 July

The housemates had a laugh with the Saturday night bingo task.

Good old Scott volunteered to the 'bingo caller' which meant he couldn't win.

So Cameron and Ray ended up the winners and got to spend the night in a posh hotel-style reward room, with room service, nice food and films.

Nush is worried as she thinks she's been dumped by her boyfriend on the outside.

Some of the housemates were in the garden and she thought she heard someone chanting 'Jeff has dumped you'.

Nush was a bit scared after that. And she seems worried it's cos she's been flirting a bit with Scott.

Oh dear.

Earlier, Jon Tickle woke up back in the BB house today!

He was voted back in by the public on Friday night.

He can't actually win BB now - but the other housemates don't know that.

They all screamed when he walked back in, as it was a total surprise and came just after Lisa's eviction.

Jon's promised to wind them all up as much as he can.

And he was certainly quick to get back to his funny old ways.

Jon spent ages talking to the kitchen mirror as if it was a real person.

He chatted away about Cameron, Gos and Scott and even looked annoyed when the housemates dared to come near him and interrupt his 'conversation'.

Welcome back Jon!

Meanwhile, Christian Cameron is worried that he's not setting a good religious example.

The Scot told Steph he was involved in several Christian youth groups on the outside and is worried he hasn't behaved properly.

But Steph told him he was being silly and that he's a great guy!

Ray has been getting into his last day as head of the house.

BB called him in and told him to dish out the day's chores to the other housemates - including washing the bathroom, scrubbing the floors and cleaning out the chicken coop - eurghh!

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