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  Potter-free zone desktop wallpaper
Updated 11 July 2003, 15.48

Sick of Harry Potter and the hype of book 5?

Ready to declare yourself as someone who wants a break from it all?

Then look no further, download our Potter-free zone wallpaper for your computer!

You can also print it off and stick it on your folders, bedroom door or wall!



How to set image as wallpaper for Windows 95 and upwards: 

  • Select and click your screen size above (if you're not sure, select 640x480)
  • Once it's completly loaded, right click the image and select "Set as Wallpaper"
  • that should be all you need to do, but if this doesn't work... choose "Save Image As", then choose a file name and add ".jpg" (Save the image to your desktop so it is easy to find)
  • From the Start menu, go to "Settings", "Control Panel", then "Display", then "Background" - choose "Browse", go to "Desktop", then open the "jpg" file and Click "OK"


How to set image as wallpaper for Mac OS 8 & Mac OS 9: 

  • Save the wallpaper image above to your desktop or hard drive
  • The desktop appearance prefences panel is accessed differently between Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9
  • For Mac OS 8 go to the Apple menu, select "Control Panel" followed by "Desktop Pictures"
  • For Mac OS 9 go to the Apple menu, select "Control Panel" followed by "Appearance". Of the five tabbed sections in this "Appearance" window choose "Desktop"
  • Drag the image from your desktop/hard drive to the desktop pictures preview window
  • Select "Tile on Screen" (Mac OS 8) from the "Position" pop-up menu
  • Click "Set Desktop"

How to set image as wallpaper for Mac OS X: 

  • Holding Ctrl and clicking the image simultaneously, choose "Download Image to Disk"
  • Save the image to your hard drive, preferably in the Library | Desktop Pictures folder
  • From the Finder menu choose "Preferences"
  • In the "Preferences" window, click "Select Picture" and navigate, using the file explorer that opens for you, to your wallpaper image
  • Click "Choose" to confirm your choice

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