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  Daily house goss: week seven
Updated 11 July 2003, 13.56
Big Brother house goss!
You can catch up with what's happening inside the Big Brother 4 house everyday, right here!

Week seven

Day 50: Friday 11 July

Scott has been speaking about his feelings for Nush.

The pair were gossiping about the leprechaun party and how they had confided in each other.

"We were basically singing each other's praises," said Scott.

"I was a bit concerned you'd be upset with me."

But Nush seemed to be quite flattered about Scott fancying her.

She said she wasn't at all upset by Scott's comments.

Elsewhere, the housemates were counting down to tonight's evictions.

Lisa, Steph and Cameron are up for the chop!

Day 49: Thursday 10 July

Well, after sending off their Irish Pub-themed reward room, there are a few bits of goss from the housemates.

No doubt feeling a little tired, Nush decided that she would try to refuse to nominate anyone this week.

Talking to Cameron, she said she didn't want to choose anyone because of how much she likes them.

"We're not just housemates anymore," she told him.

The caring Orkney man told her that no-one would blame her for nominating them.

"I know," she told him, "But I mind!"

As for the on-going Lisa saga, it seemed to come to a head.

Lisa told them how she felt about the way they treated her.

"As individual people, I love you all dearly," she said, "As a group, you're not very pleasant to me sometimes."

But the flirting between Scott and Nush went up one level as he told her that he wished she wasn't seeing anyone.

She lay her head on the table, and after a pause, said she could "take that comment".

But come the morning, Nush was worried about what was said.

Scott reminded her about it, and she told Steph that she was concerned Scott thought she was more available than she is.

Hope her boyfriend isn't watching!

But with eviction tomorrow night, the house will soon have something else to think about...

Day 48: Wednesday 9 July

The housemates have decided that they're going to miss the Irish Pub themed reward room big time.

They asked Big Brother if they could have some green material to celebrate St Patrick's day and say goodbye to the pub.

Should someone tell them they're 252 days early?

Probably not, especially as it turns out Ray has a hidden talent.

He made a brilliant green hat which impressed all the other housemates!

As for the girls, they reckon they've put on weight since they went into the house.

Nush thinks she's put on about half a stone (where?) and Steph seems to always be looking at her tummy to see if it's grown.

Ray found out about his solo task today, but was he successful?

The Irish Head of House went into the reward room to find a roulette table.

He had to bet the housemate's 51 shopping budget on a single spin!

And did he win?

Well, not exactly. Most of the things he chose didn't show up, and he lost 50.

But one of his bets did pay off, and he came out of the reward room with the huge shopping budget of 2.

He spent it on toilet roll, four tins of tomatoes, one tin of sweetcorn and a pair of carrots. Whoo hoo!

Meanwhile Lisa has decided all the housemates hate her. She thinks they are ignoring her. Every time she tries to make conversation, she seems to get no response!

Poor thing!

But that didn't seem to bother her too much, coz later she told Big Brother that the other housemates were being nice to her and had been chatty.

Is she in a different house?

Of course while no one is talking to her, they are chatting about her.

Steph and Nush sat in the pool and decided that she'd brought in the outside world with her and that had created problems.

Then they went to question why she bothered to go into the house if there were certain things she wasn't prepared to do.

All the while Lisa was sat in the girls' bedroom, far away from all the conversation...

Day 47: Tuesday 8 July

Some of the house can relax and some are more worried as nominations were announced today.

But more of that later...

Well, it's not our place to say that there's not much to do in the Big Brother house, but we reckon this pretty much proves it.

Scott and Cameron have come up with a really "exciting" way of passing the time.

The "crazy" pair are having a beard growing contest.

In honour of departed housemate Gos, they're growing goatees.

And after they've done that, they'll shave them into moustaches.

Sounds like we should evict them before they do something really barmy!

They're all wondering what they should spend their next budget (assuming Ray passes his single challenge) on.

Cameron decided that they should spend all 100 on chocolate bars - which would get them 500 slabs of choccy!

The housemates who might not be enjoying it because they've been nominated are...

Cameron, Steph, and, surprise surprise, Lisa.

Lisa and Steph all took it quite well, and had a joke with Ray, who looked very upset as they all knew it was him who'd nominated them.

But Cameron looked a little upset, and sat on his own in the kitchen, spinning on a chair.

Oh well, at least if he goes no-one will ever see his tash!

Day 46: Monday 7 July

Some of the gang might be starting to feel a bit guilty about gossiping so much about Lisa.

Despite loads of talking behind her back on Sunday, today the housemates were full of praise when she spent ages cooking them spaghetti bolognaise.

They oohed and ahhed over the food and said it was "gorgeous" and "lovely" and how well she'd done.

Cameron even told BB in the diary room that he thought the gossip had gone a bit too far. But he added that Lisa spoke about herself so much that he sometimes tried to avoid her.

New head of house Ray is settling into his role, but it's proving really tough for the Irishman.

First Big Brother told him to hand out three chores to the housemates, cleaning out the chickens, cleaning the mirrors, and cleaning and topping up the pool.

And they all had to be done by 11am - early starts for the housemates this week then!

Nush got the chickens, Scott had to clean the mirrors, and Lisa was told to sort out the pool.

Even worse for Ray, who's not happy about having to nominate his fellow housemates, he's been told he's got to win the food budget this week.

There is no group task, just a single challenge that Ray will have to do on his own on Wednesday to decide how much money they get.

With the reward room open at 11am the housemates wasted no time getting in there.

Scott seemed to be having such a good time, he said he'd like to do another two months in there, because life in the house just keeps getting better and better.

Mind you, in a conversation with Nush he admitted that perhaps a gym in future reward rooms might be a good idea.

But is Big Brother listening...

Day 45: Sunday 6 July

Ray's won the live task to become leader of the house for the next week.

The 25-year-old's toy sheep galloped to victory in a bizarre robotic animals race, pipping Nush's pig and Scott's rabbit to the post.

But his happiness was cut short as BB broke the news that he has to choose which housemates face the public vote this week!

How cruel?

"That is not fair," he moaned.

He perked up though when he realised he got to choose the week's shopping budget.

Meanwhile, poor Cameron was left twiddling his thumbs outside the reward room after his toy giraffe limped home last in the animal race.

Gos has gone!

After all the delays and palaver with the bomb scare, it wasn't really much of a shock to discover it was Gos who's out on his ear this week.

In fact, it seemed to suit him, too. Being under the weather this last week has made him miserable in the house and he'd told the mates he was ready to go.

It's robot wars for the last six: their latest task is to race robotic animals and the winner will be named Head of House for the week, with responsibilities including deciding the shopping budget.

Day 44: Saturday 5 July

Well, it was eviction night on Friday, or at least it was meant to be.

But the bomb scare (which luckily turned out to be a false alarm) means 9pm Saturday night is the new time for a housemate to go.

So an extra day of tension in the house for Gos, Ray and Nush, all up for the boot.

The sheer joy they showed when they had to leave the house during the alert means whoever goes might not exactly be down in the mouth.

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