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  Percy Weasley's gossip on Emma and Sean
Updated 17 May 2003, 11.47
Chris Rankin with some of his Weasley co-stars
Harry Potter actor Chris Rankin has been gossiping about life on the set of the Prisoner of Azkaban

He chatted to the BBC.

Chris Rankin has a tough job on his hands keeping the Weasley clan in order.

As older brother Percy in the Potter films, he has to act all sensible and serious.

But that doesn't stop actor Chris spilling the beans on his co-stars.

He told how the whole cast embarrassed Emma Watson on her birthday.

Emma Watson
"There was an apparent power cut in the middle of a huge piece of her dialogue during a Great Hall scene. We all thought: 'what's going on?' and then 700 people burst into singing Happy Birthday.

"It was all very nice but I think she got embarrassed by it all."

'It's a shame'

Chris said he was upset when he heard his pal, Sean Biggerstaff, who plays Oliver Wood, had been cut from the third movie because of time pressures.

Oliver Wood and Tom Felton
"I found out slightly before everybody else in the world did so I was slightly prepared when people rang me shouting: 'he's been cut, he's been cut'.

"It's a shame because Sean played the Quidditch Captain very, very well. He's a lovely guy and it'll be odd not having him around."

More grown-up

Chris said the Prisoner of Azkaban would be very different from the first two films. He said it was darker and more grown-up.

That's partly because of new director, Alfonso Cuaron, who's replaced Chris Columbus.

"His style is completely different to Chris Columbus'" Chris said. "I shouldn't talk about it really, but it's all going to do with the camera shots and lengths of takes.

"He's going for a real dramatic, tension building to a climax kind of film which I think is going to be perfect for Potter three."

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