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  Daily house goss: week six
Updated 04 July 2003, 21.29
Big Brother house goss!
You can catch up with what's happening inside the Big Brother 4 house everyday, right here!

Week six

Day 43: Fri 4 July

Tonight is eviction night! Who's going out - Gos, Nush, or Ray?

Well, who ever it is, it doesn't look like Steph will get nominated next week.

The boys had a late night chat, and for once, even Ray wasn't moaning!

They all reckon she's a top lass, because she's so easy going.

"She is definitely pocket dynamite" said Gos, talking about the fact she never stops cleaning.

But the "pocket dynamite" girl herself wasn't too happy.

Like the rest of the housemates, she's not happy with Lisa.

In the diary room she said, "I don't feel at ease with her, it's like she's overcompensating for something."

Is Lisa ever going to find someone who likes her?

She seems to think that she'd like to live with them in the real world, but reckons there's a bit of a problem with the age gap.

But the biggest news is something that the housemates don't even know yet.

This week, one of them will become Head of House.

The lucky housemate will be chosen on Saturday night, and will be whoever wins the live challenge.

Whoever gets the title will be the only one who gets to nominate on Monday.

There's no weekly task next week, and the Head of House will choose the budget and what food they get.

They'll also have extra responsibilities.

Whoever it is might have to be careful that they don't make too many enemies while they're in power...

The eviction was delayed on Friday, giving the three housemates some extra hours inside, or not.

They all had to be moved out of the house after a suspect package was found at the studios where the show is filmed.

But all the housemates are safe and sound.

Day 42: Thurs 3 July

The housemates revealed they think they're becoming more like each other.

Cameron reckons he's copying Ray's catchphrase "blah, blah, blah."

And Scott says he has to stop himself saying "You ken?" (something Cameron brought to the house).

But it looks like the anti-Lisa backlash is picking up more support.

After a barbeque provided by Big Brother, Scott and Nush were the last people up.

And the new housemate was number one topic of conversation.

"She knows stuff," Scott said, "That's a position of power that I'm not particularly comfortable with."

He did say it wasn't Lisa herself who was the problem, but the fact that she was new.

Although Lisa claims she didn't watch much of the series before going in the house, Nush pointed out a weird coincidence.

A few weeks ago in the diary room, and joked that if a new housemate came into the house, she'd like them to bring some curlers, champagne and chocolate.

Guess what Lisa brought with her when she arrived...

As for Gos, he probably isn't feeling so great.

He's received an official warning from Big Brother.

It's thought he might have been trying to send messages to the outside world, through a certain t-shirt.

Although he denied it, he had to put the t-shirt in the diary room straight away.

Guess what Lisa brought with her when she arrived?

But now the housemates are cleaning up and recovering from last night's partying.

Day 41: Weds 2 July

Gos and Nush are feeling the effects of being nominated.

Nush told new housemate Lisa that she couldn't help feeling blue.

"I don't want to feel sad, but I do," she said. "I didn't expect to take it so seriously."

Gos, meanwhile, has been feeling peaky.

He spent the night with a bucket at his bedside just in case he got ill.

Elsewhere, Lisa is in trouble with Big Brother.

She's been told off for talking to the others about what's been going on in the world. And BB even reminded her she could be evicted from the house if she keeps breaking the rules.

She blamed the other housemates for pushing her for information.

"I'm under 50,000 billion times more pressure than you guys because I've been in the outside world," she grumbled.

But this just gave the housemates more reason to moan about the new girl.

Scott, Steph, Cameron and Ray all gathered in the living room and said they didn't like being told off.

Scott said he didn't like it that Lisa talked about "tactics" and he "didn't want to hear that word" in the house.

The housemates managed to pass their horsey task, winning a whopping 123 to spend on food next week.

BB gave them an extra reward for passing the task too, loads of food and charcoal for a barbeque.

But which one of Nush, Gos or Ray won't get to eat any of next week's huge food stash after being evicted?

Day 40: Tues 1 July

The evictions are out!

Gos, Nush and Ray have all been nominated.

It's only the first time either Ray or Gos have been up for eviction, although Nush has been up once before.

Gos said he'd be happy to go, but the others didn't seem so keen.

"It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I've got a big smile on my face," he told the others.

Maybe that's a good thing as chef Gos is the bookies' fave to be booted out this Friday.

Meanwhile, the housemates have been chatting about new girl Lisa and what they think of her.

Some of them reckon she's got a 'game plan' and that because she knows who the public's faves are, that she's in a better position than they are to do well.

Ray even wondered if she was purposely making friends with the people who are really popular on the outside to make herself look good.

But they are pleased that she's not allowed to nominate this week as they don't think she knows them well enough to be able to judge who should go and who should stay.

Day 39: Mon 30 June

Nominations fever's gripped the house again. This week's have been done and it's just the waiting now until it's revealed on Tuesday who's up for the boot.

Gos and Ray had a good old chinwag about it all.

Then Scott admitted to BB he was unhappy that newcomer Lisa will have a good chance of making it to the final because she's exempt from two weeks' worth of nominations.

But like us, the housemates will just have to wait and see...

New girl Lisa said she was getting on really well with everyone in the house - except Steph.

She said Steph was "detached" and "insecure" and she'd confront her if they still weren't getting on in a few days.

The housemates are busying themselves with their new horsey task.

BB delivered a set of foam horses, which the housemates have to cover with fur, learn how to put saddles on, and then wear them.

They've even got full sets of proper jockey outfits to wear - including hard hats and tight jodhpurs.

They then have to put on fake jockey legs and make their way round a show jump course!

Meanwhile, outside the house, evictee Tania has admitted she fancied Ray and something could've happened between them if she'd stayed in the house!

Day 38: Sun 29 June

Well, there's a new housemate in the house.

Lisa seemed to settle in quite quickly, even if Cameron didn't believe she was a new housemate at first.

He reckoned she was someone "ready to take us somewhere".

After a night when all the housemates were in the reward room with loads of pizza, Cameron and Gos paid Lisa a compliment.

Kind of.

When they saw her in the morning, they both agreed she looked a lot better "without all that slap on".

Gos decided to tell her their findings...

And she actually took it quite well!

She agreed with them, and said she wore all her make-up as a kind of mask.

Sounds like she's not as relaxed as she seemed!

The housemates have gambled their entire food budget on passing next week's horsey task.

They'll have to learn how to bridle a horse properly and then complete a show jumping course in the garden.

They've all got horse riding outfits to wear too, and will have to do really well to have enough to eat.

Day 37: Sat 28 June

Cameron seems to have returned from Africa a changed man!

All the housemates reckon that he's much more confident and ready to speak his mind.

What's more, Big Brother let the housemates have three bottles of South African wine to greet Cameron!

Nush and Steph seem to have made up after a bit of a chat, but will it last until nomination night?

And there were a few confessions, as Ray admitted that he fancied Tania and Scott said he most like Anouska.

The chickens are back, and one of them is called Tania!

It's named after the evicted housemate because it's a pretty colour.

Wonder if it's blusher?

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