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  Daily house goss: week five
Updated 22 June 2003, 13.53
Big Brother house goss!
You can catch up with what's happening inside the Big Brother 4 house everyday, right here!

Week five

Day 36: Fri 27 June

Cameron returned from his African adventure.

The housemates jumped out of bed to welcome him back.

It seems he missed them.

He said the best part of being on Big Brother Africa was seeing his UK housemates on the live link-up.

Cameron was given a brightly-coloured shirt and an ashtray by the African contestants.

One of the men also gave him a scarf for Tania, because he'd taken a shine to her.

Meanwhile, Tania had been going a bit crazy and talking to herself.

She'd also been praying that she would be the one to get evicted.

Her prayers were answered when she lost the public vote, with 72% of voters saying she should walk.

She was delighted when she heard she was going and started jumping around and screaming.

With Tania evicted, the only two girls left in the house are Nush and Steph.

They haven't been getting on - so sparks could fly next week!

Day 35: Thurs 26 June

The housemates said farewell to their visitor, Gae, and prepared to welcome back Cameron after his trip to the Big Brother Africa house.

Gae wasn't going quietly, though.

He flirted with Nush, asking her for a massage. She told him to ask Steph instead.

As a farewell treat, there was a link-up with the house in South Africa.

Ray got a warm welcome from one of the African women, who shouted out: "I have to have you!"

Gae left a photo of himself to remind the housemates of his visit.

He gave lollipops to the girls and told all the contestants: "Don't take things too personally."

Earlier, Tania got annoyed with Scott when he told her she had a big bottom.

After ranting about it a bit, she said she didn't care what Scott thought.

It seems the Big Brother house is a dangerous place to be this week.

Gos has got a plaster on his nose after colliding with Nush in the garden and Gae nearly knocked himself out on a camera on his way to the bathroom.

Day 34: Weds 25 June

There was a cheerful vibe after the housemates learned they had passed their weekly task.

They had to memorise 10 facts about each other and then face a grilling from Big Brother in the diary room.

They were allowed only one wrong answer between them.

Just as well really, because Gae incorrectly answered a question about who had cried in the past month.

The housemates cheered when they heard they had passed. It means they'll get 119.93 to spend on food this week.

Big Brother rewarded them with cucumber sandwiches and cold drinks.

Meanwhile, Gae and Tania are getting along better.

They fell out after he called her "piggy". They had a friendly chat over a cup of tea.

Elsewhere, Ray has been given a warning for going swimming after he had been boozing and Gos has revealed he's getting bored of life on Big Brother.

Day 33: Tues 24 June

Well, shock revelations for the house: three girls are up for eviction this week.

Nush, Steph and Tania have all been nominated for the first time.

Should Tania get her blusher ready?

Meanwhile, Steph and Gos are the mum and dad of the Big Brother household!

The BB website's been deciding how the seven housemates fit together as a family and here's what else they reckon:

Cameron's the grandad because he's the eldest and the quietest.

Scott's the eldest son, Ray's his little brother, and Tania's the baby.

Nush is the au pair.

Steph's the mum because she's always cleaning and Gos is a good shoulder for everyone to cry on, apparently.

Poor old Cam!

Spare a thought for the shy Scottish lad who's having a bit of a culture shock in the African BB house.

He was shocked to find out the boys and girls didn't have separate bedrooms or shower times!

His swap-partner Gae is having an easier time settling into the British house, although he probably finds it a bit quiet after the African one.

But he's already upset Tania by saying she "eats like a pig". Tania stormed around the house and said she wasn't staying in the house with him.

But Nush tried to make it up by telling Gae to give her a hug.

Meanwhile, BB's body language expert has summed up the female housemates. Here's what he thought:

Nush: limp and wet
Steph: brisk and optimistic
Tania: extrovert, out to have fun

Day 32: Mon 23 June

The Big Brother house gained another inmate today, as Gaetano Kagwa arrived from the African Big Brother.

None of the other housemates knew he was there, as they thought Cameron was still locked in the reward room.

Steph and Gos met him as he entered the house, and their first question was "Is Cameron still around?"

But when they were told he had only swapped for a short while, they soon welcomed the Ugandan in.

He spent most of the morning flirting with Nush as he learned the differences between the his old BB house and the new one.

Mostly, it seemed that the other housemates were concerned about their shy Scottish chum, and how he would cope.

Apparently the African house is full of arguments, which the peace-loving Orkney man might not like.

Here's hoping he gets on well!

The next Big Brother task will see how well the housemates know each other.

Each housemate has to answer 10 questions about themselves and then the others will have to answer 10 questions each about the people they're living with.

They'll be able to write their answers down, but the blackboards they're written on will only be in the house for a day.

All the changes in the house have got Scott and Ray thinking about what might happen next.

They reckon big things are gonna start happening every day, but are they right?

Only Big Brother knows...

Day 31: Sun 22 June

In Big Brother's biggest surprise yet, Cameron was whisked away from the house to join the contestants on the African version of the show.

The other housemates thought he was doing a test in the reward room.

They had no idea that Cameron had left - or that an African housemate was being sent to join them on Monday!

Cameron's adventure started when Big Brother asked a housemate to come to the diary room.

All the housemates - except Nush - had enjoyed an eight-course meal as their Saturday night reward.

Most people were feeling rough, but Cameron volunteered to visit Big Brother.

While he was driven off to catch a private jet, the other housemates tidied up and ate porridge.

Day 30: Sat 21 June

Following last night's double eviction, the housemates were getting used to life without Fed and Jon.

Tania has admitted that she won't miss Fed and all the girls have agreed that they feel less outnumbered now that two men have gone.

Nush has hit back at some of the boys' sexist banter.

She described men as "walking handbags" whose main purpose in life was to carry her money and keys!

There was also concern about Jon and Fed revealing who they had nominated after they had been told they were being evicted.

Scott thought it was a bad idea.

The housemates have been enjoying the sunshine - with Steph, Tania and Nush chilling out in the pool.

They have also been looking forward to the Saturday challenge, when the winners get to kick their heels up in the reward room.

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