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  Daily house goss: week four
Updated 20 June 2003, 22.51
Big Brother house goss!
You can catch up with what's happening inside the Big Brother 4 house everyday, right here!

Week four

Day 29: Friday 20 June

Fed and Jon are out of the house!

Italian waiter Federico was the first to go on double eviction night, with 40 per cent of the votes.

He paused, then cheered and waved his hands in the air as Davina announced the news.

On his exit interview, Fed sort of said sorry to all the women he'd offended while in the house, but said fellow contestant Tania was "really shallow".

A little while later, Davina revealed Jon had been evicted too.

That leaves Cameron in the house out of the three who were nominated.

Jon handled it well though and got up to get ready to pack.

Earlier the housemates seemed relaxed - catching some rays in the garden.

The conversation turned to piercings and tattoos. Cameron revealed he was thinking of having a band of Celtic writing around his ankle.

Jon said he would never date a woman with a tattoo.

Meanwhile, Ray and Gos have agreed to try to quit swearing after Steph gave them a telling off.

Day 28: Thursday 19 June

Are all the BB men flirting with Nush?

The rest of the housemates have now nicknamed Cameron 'the silver fox' cos they reckon he's being all smooth and flirting with the blonde contestant.

But luckily Cameron has got other things on his mind too.

Him and Jon have been busy secretly plotting practical jokes to play on the other housemates.

They wanted to target Nush with a washing line, but she wisely slept in and they missed their chance.

Scott, Fed and Ray may also be the butt of their jokes later in the week.

Federico, who's been in trouble for making some nasty comments about women, has now admitted he doesn't have any female friends.

Wonder why!?

Earlier, there was a casualty in the house!

After celebrating their task win with a slap-up picnic, the housemates were messing about.

But it all got out of hand when Scott accidentally kicked Tania in the mouth while doing a handstand and gave her a fat lip!

But Fed was no help at all when he tried to reassure Tania: he said the swelling would have gone in a week...

They all got a bit silly last night anyway and there was lots of stirring and gossiping. Fed was babbling on about relationships again, and Steph persuaded Nush that the reason Jon seems to dislike her is because he secretly fancies her.

We'll definitely have to keep an eye on those two and their weird relationship.

Day 27: Wednesday 18 June

They've done it! The housemates have finally passed their weekly task.

Despite Federico (doh!) messing up his part of the superhero challenge, everyone else managed it OK and they passed with flying colours.

When BB announced the news, the housemates went mad, and jumped around screaming and hugging each other.

It was a good job too. If they'd failed, they'd have been left with just over 12 to feed themselves for a week. But as it is, they got 152 to gorge themselves with.

Unfortunately, the celebrations didn't last long. As soon as they sat down to discuss what food to order, the bickering started.

Nush said they'd spent too much on meat and cheese, and Jon said he thought the group had forgotten how to eat properly.

Ray eventually stormed out muttering about Jon.

Luckily, they cheered up considerably later when BB rewarded them with a picnic hamper for passing their first task.

They chatted and laughed together as they scoffed chicken, sandwiches, stuffed vine leaved and strawberry scones.


Earlier Ray relieved his boredom by scaring the girls in the dark.

He crept into their room, hid between two beds and jumped out when Tania came back.

He also made a home-made ball out of a bandage, string and some tape, and then got grumpy when BB made him hand it in.

The girls also reckon Federico fancies Tania as he keeps annoying her. Steph and the others said he likes her and doesn't know how to cope with it.

Jon's been boring the pants off Big Brother again, this time with a lengthy explanation of how the house air-conditioning works.

He was telling BB the air-con in the boys' room was broken and he just couldn't stop himself.

"An air-conditioning unit is just the physical manifestation of the Carnot Cycle - which is talking about heat exchange between two closed systems," he droned.

A baffled BB just said they'd get back to him.

Meanwhile, Tania's upset she's not been nominated for eviction because it means she'll miss her sister's wedding on Saturday.

Then why did she go in the house in the first place?!

Day 26: Tuesday 17 June

Nail-biting hours ahead as the housemates wait to find out who's nominated for this week's eviction.

Ray and Tania are having a bit of a cuddly-fest, saying they like everyone in the house.

So who on earth will be nominated?

Meanwhile, porridge is a big hit. Seriously, the mates are on such strict rations they all agree they now love the mushy stuff.

Fed thinks the oats gave him energy for the day. So why can he NEVER complete a task?!

Maybe it's not brain food...

Two boys will be leaving the house on Friday, after the nominations were revealed.

Fed, Jon and Cameron are the three housemates up for eviction this week, and two of them will be kicked out this week.

It was a big relief for the girls, after seeing Anouska, Justine and Sissy all leave the house while the boys stayed in.

It's a relief for Tania, because she'd said she'd stop eating if she was nominated, not that she'll have much option if they fail yet another task...

Day 25: Monday 16 June

Will the housemates never learn? As long as Federico is in the house, passing tasks is almost impossible!

It seems the man who messed up the first two tasks has already made a mistake in this one, the superhero challenge.

Given just three minutes to change into his outfit as Camp Man he didn't quite manage it!

Scott and Gos have also had to pull on their uniforms at short notice, but they managed to complete the task.

To make matters worse, the housemates are running very low on toilet roll, so low that they had to swap food for some.

But luckily they could get rid of some cheese that Sissy had asked for before she got kicked out on Friday.

Not content with Fed perhaps messing up the task, now Gos could have cost the group much-needed food.

He broke one of the superhero tasks rules by wearing the T-shirt for his costume when he wasn't supposed to.

They've only got one chance to make a mistake, so maybe they've failed already.

Maybe Gos and Fed will both be evicted on Friday, because Big Brother has changed the rules.

This time two people will be evicted, and with only three girls left in the house at the moment things could be very lonely indeed for one of them by Saturday...

Day 24: Sunday 15 June

The day started off with a mystery as a phone box appeared in the living room.

The housemates knew it must be connected to their new weekly task, but they didn't know how.

They did wonder if it was connected to Superman though - and they were right!

The housemates have all been given costumes so they can dress up as different superheroes.

And they'll have cut-out figures of people who'll be their arch enemies.

When a special announcement is played, the housemates will take it in turn to do their superhero challenge.

Each contestant will have just three minutes to change into their costume in the phone box - just like Superman!

Then they'll have five minutes to race around the BB complex and touch all the arch enemies - or they've lost.

It sounds tough but they're pretty confident they'll do it. They've bet 85 per cent of their budget that they'll win.

Good luck guys!

Day 23: Saturday 14 June

There was tension in the house as Jon, Scott and Gos all failed the Saturday night charades challenge.

The poor old threesome had to sit in the living room while all the others enjoyed a party in a secret room.

The housemates had to play a game of charades - with a twist.

They had to nominate someone to be the guesser - but they weren't to win a reward.

Luckily Jon volunteered, as he said he'd been part of the last two rewards, and he could afford to miss out on this one.

Bless him!

The others then had to get Jon to correctly guess their mimes.

But two of the housemates - Scott and Gos - didn't even get a chance to mime.

And surprise, surprise, one of the reasons was Federico! He wasted valuable seconds in the diary room when the task was announced, which meant they didn't have time to perform.

But the charades were quite funny. Federico mimed Shrek and Ray whipped his top off to mime The Naked Chef.

Steph did Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Tania mimed Genie in a Bottle.

The ones that one enjoyed an American diner-style party in a secret room. They had costumes, music, a jukebox, and themed food and drink.

However, Scott threw a bit of a strop and said he was "well gutted" that he wasn't in there.

But he lightened up later and had a laugh with the other two.

Tania earlier had a rant at Big Brother after she thought she heard the crowd chanting her name at Friday's eviction.

She stormed into the diary room and didn't come back for 20 minutes.

She even said joining BB might have been the "biggest mistake of her life"! Blimey!

Things lightened up a bit later when the housemates started playing Facts About People We Didn't Know.

Nush had some people fooled when she said she had a lump removed from the back of her neck when she was a baby.

She told the others the doctors found "hair and teeth" in it. Gross!

But she then had to admit she was joking.

However Ray admitted truthfully admitted he had his ears pinned back when he was a kid, cos they "stuck out like a monkey's".

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