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  Daily house goss: week three
Updated 13 June 2003, 22.10
Big Brother house goss!
You can catch up with what's happening inside the Big Brother 4 house everyday, right here!

Week three

Day 22: Friday 13 June

That's it, Sissy's out! Nush and Tania will be pleased, seeing as they reckon she's really cold anyway.

But Sissy herself was not too chuffed about being the one to go.

Jon surely can't be far behind, what with being constantly nominated?

But then it's BB so who knows?!

Ooh! The housemates have been gossiping about each other. Some of it's good, but some of it's bad.

On the one hand Nush admitted she was sorry she'd nominated Jon, and wished he wasn't up for eviction. She told BB he was a "nice guy" and he never gets moody.

But just hours later, Nush and Tania went on a moan-fest about Sissy saying she was "cold" towards them.

Federico's not been making himself popular with girl viewers. He said northern girls were ugly. But Gos and Ray soon put him in his place.

The gang have also held their own mini Olympics. They set up games and challenges with the equipment BB gave them, and painted their own artwork.

They all had nicknames too, like Nush the Tush and Steph Da Tooth Fairy.

Ray's been upset cos he's missing the chickens, who were taken out of the house cos of a mystery virus. He asked BB to give them a pig instead.

Day 21: Thursday 12 June

It's Big Brother Olympics time in the house!

The housemates asked BB for loads of sports equipment which they got.

So watch out for Thumb War, Chair Bungie, Paper Scissors Stone and Spinning Stick.

Not your usual Olympic events but it might keep them out of trouble for a while.

Then again...

Having failed three tasks in a row the housemates are blaming Big Brother for their lack of food.

They reckon that because they weren't allowed to practice with working bells it wasn't fair.

Sissy said to Jon "it was like having to learn to mix like a DJ without any records".

Being in a house without any TV isn't a problem for Jon since he rarely watched it when he was little.

He said he never watched the telly from the ages of five to 15 because he was always reading a book.

Even though they failed Big Brother gave them loads of booze to drink, but then told them off because they were making too much noise.

The racket even went on after they went to bed.

Cameron said Jon had been making loads of noise in his sleep.

So Jon revealed today that he'd had a nightmare.

Apparently, he was in a factory sticking labels on boxes, but he didn't have enough time.

He knew if only he had a minute to spare, he'd figure out a better way to do it.

There was another worker there, who had plenty of time, but wouldn't help him.

Sounds like he's still sore over losing the bell task...

Day 20: Wednesday 11 June

The housemates have failed their task yet again!

They had to guess a mystery tune and then remember it and try and play it on handbells.

But they kept messing it up which means they haven't managed to complete any of their weekly tasks.

And because they bet loads of their shopping budget on the task, they've not got much left for food! D'oh!

Tania has been trying to make Sissy feel better after the designer was nominated for the boot this weekend. What Tania forgot to mention was she nominated Sissy in the first place!

But she still told her to stay cheerful and get lots of sleep before the nominations on Friday.

Despite Sissy's blubbing Tania said the days would fly by and reminded her there was still a task to do.

Meanwhile, Steph cut Federico's hair and gave Cameron a trim while she was at it.

Day 19: Tuesday 10 June

Big news in the house today, as the nominations were announced.

Sissy is already the fave to be booted out on Friday. She's been having a few rows this week and has got on some people's nerves.

She's already made Nush cry over her comments about using too many teabags.

In other house goss, Tania said Cameron was starting to get on her nerves after he burst into the girls' bedroom without knocking.

She had a moan to Nush about him shortly afterwards.

Earlier, the nominations announcement was the biggest part of the day.

When Big Brother told the house they had 30 minutes warning, loads of them were still in bed.

But when the time came, all 10 were sat quietly on the sofas.

The three nominees were announced in alphabetical order.

The relief on Cameron's face was huge as Federico was first.

Jon was selected for a third week running, and grumpy Sissy was the third housemate whose fate is in the hands of the nation.

While the boys didn't seem too bothered, Sissy went to her bedroom on her own to have a think.

Fed tried to liven up the atmosphere by playing a bit of a practical joke on Ray.

He told him he had a trick to show him, and taking two glasses of water, put them on top of Ray's hands, which were stretched out on the table.

Then he walked away, leaving the Irishman trapped!

But Ray had a few tricks of his own, and managed to get free by lifting the glasses up with his mouth with out spilling the water!

Let's hope everyone stays a little happier.

Day 18: Monday 9 June

The housemates gave their nominations in the diary room, and all looked a bit worried.

Nush was miffed 'cos she said BB wouldn't accept her two nominations.

Then there was a bit of a male-female divide as the boys gathered in the kitchen and the girls sneaked off to their bedroom for a chat.

And Nush seemed to think something's up. The gal, who seems to fancy herself as a bit of a fortune-teller, said she had a bad vibe that something was going to "kick off". She reckons something bad's going to happen.

Earlier, having seen the group gamble 65% of their budget on the bell-ringing task, Jon was in no mood to let the group fail.

He offered loads of advice to the group to help them learn the order they had to ring the bells in, but they just didn't want to know.

Things got quite heated for a while, making it look more and more like Jon will be nominated for a third time.

The housemates were up late on Sunday, worrying about the task and talking things through.

Sissy and Nush cleared the air after a day when they both thought the other had said nasty things.

Sissy thought Nush had a go at her for using too many teabags, while Nush thought Sissy didn't like the food she cooked.

But once they'd dried their tears, they made up and are friends again.

Day 17: Sunday 8 June

After the excitement of last night - when seven of the housemates were treated to a children's party - it was back to reality with a bump today.

The group were set their weekly task - it involves handbells.

They found out they must memorise a mystery piece of music and then perform it with the bells on Wednesday.

After losing the two previous tasks due to Federico's slip-ups, the group got into a heated debate about how much to gamble on them completing the task.

Well, except Gos - he looked like he was going fall asleep.

After 20 minutes, they decided to gamble 65% on the success of their task. If they fail, they'll have just 3.60 each to spend on food.

Earlier in the day, Ray apologised to Tania, who was upset because he made a "rude" remark to her.

"I thought you'd laugh. I was only joking," he said, giving Tania a hug.

Day 16: Saturday 7 June

Food is on everyone's lips today - but the housemates are still going hungry.

Jon appears to be losing popularity with other housemates by suggesting the girls are eating more of the food rations and dipping into the fridge when no ones looking.

But the girls are angry because the boys have appointed Gos as Bread Monitor - he's looking after the loaves in the boys bedroom.

Nush thinks the boys are being patronising.

After Justine's eviction last night no one has really mentioned her.

The girls were shocked - there are now only four women left in the house and they could be feeling scared they might be voted out next.

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