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  Exclusive shots of Hagrid's hut and pumpkins!
Updated 22 April 2003, 16.50
Hagrid's hut in Glencoe
With filming going well for The Prisoner of Azkaban, more sneak preview snaps are coming out showing various bits of set.

And we have got our hands on exclusive pictures of Hagrid's hut, some mysterious pumpkins and a spooky scarecrow which will have Potter fans wondering!

Fact File
Filming facts
2m has been spent on the Glencoe set
More than 900 metres up a mountain
Around 400 crew members have been filming there

Recently you might have seen pictures in newspapers showing what was reported to be Hagrid's mountain hideaway.

The snaps, showing a hut surrounded with scaffolding, were taken from a film set in Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands.

But our exclusive pictures show the almost-completed hut.

And it's not Hagrid's "hideaway"!

It is in fact Hagrid's hut in Hogwarts' grounds.

As well as that, you can see loads of pumpkins and a scarecrow dressed in a Hogwarts uniform.



Professional photographer, Luke, who took the photos told CBBC Newsround's website: "Glencoe is quite a popular snowboarding and skiing place.

"You can see where the hut has been built from the road going up to one of big hotels there."

He had already been there once to snap the hut when it was being built.

But he told us: "The second time I went there, I went up and around the hill behind. You can't see that bit from the road."

Luke also told us there were loads and loads of boxes labelled "pumpkins" around the set.

Did you say pumpkins?

Perhaps the pumpkins are for scenes leading up to Hallowe'en and Sirius Black attacks?

Or are they there for bits featuring Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures lessons?

You can also see in the main picture there are two spires. That's because two huts have been built there so scenes can be filmed in different ways.

We can't wait for more!

Hear story!Hear story!

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