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  Evanescence talk to Newsround showbiz
Updated 08 June 2003, 18.16
Newsround showbiz caught up with Evanescence to get to know them a little better - and find out what their name really means!

What does Evanescence mean?
Amy: I think that choosing a name for yourself is a really really difficult thing - it has to describe your sound and your music and everything.

Evanescence means to disappear like vapour which I think is a sort of mysterious thing in itself. But we looked for the word in the dictionary - we wanted to find something unusual.

It's a word that most people haven't heard before because we came out of nowhere and we want to have this element of mystery. I also think it's beautiful and I think our music is too.

So you weren't tempted to call it Effervescent?
Amy: No - all I think of when I think Effervescent is Alka Seltzer. So no, not really!

So how did Evanescence come about?
Ben: We met at summer camp when she was 13 and I was 14 and I caught her playing piano.

Amy: I didn't know anybody. I was new in town so I was like playing piano by myself so to have somebody run over to me, and be different and want to talk to me was great. We just hung out a lot that week and played music together.

[To Amy] Did you feel like you didn't fit in at the time?
Amy: I didn't know anyone - I was new. We moved around a lot. It was that awkward time when you're 13 years old and you're uncomfortable and insecure.

How did you get discovered?
Ben: We were mastering some demos that we were going to use to try to get a record deal in a studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

A guy name Pete Matthews overheard us - he's a producer. He popped his head in and said hello and we became friends. Six months later he was going to visit a lot of record labels and asked if he could take our CD along. Five days later we were in New York.

Amy: We've been really lucky a few times. Like Pete Matthews heard our music and he just loved it...It's been so great to work with people who wanted to work on our record because they enjoyed it so much.

You have an unusual sound so did that make it harder?
Ben: It made it a little more difficult for people to accept it right off - like radio programme directors - and a lot of record labels were like "No, this will never happen."

[To Amy] Is it harder being a female vocalist?
Amy: I really didn't face lots of problems, no uphill battles. We just never tried to make music that sounded like something else. The only struggle is very occasionally when people in the industry don't know how to treat you because there are virtually no other woman in rock- but people have mostly have been very respectful.

What does it feel like knowing your debut single is tipped for the top?
Amy: Totally amazing.

Ben: It's an honour... we're really flattered and also really amazed. We weren't expecting to be welcomed so warmly over here.

Amy: The international appeal has blown our minds. It's overwhelming.

How did you make your video look so cool?
Amy: We shot it in Romania. The set was built, it's three storeys, and the rest was computer programming.

It was really really long days [on set] - 19 hours a day. I was actually clinging to the building - there was a big mat underneath and I had to fall over and over!

[To Amy] Are you scared of heights?
Amy: Sometimes!

Who wrote your album, Fallen?
Amy: We both do the writing. I do most of melodies and the lyrics; Ben does most of the music. There are no boundaries.

[To Amy] Is it true that you're into R'n'B ?
Amy: Sure, I listen to anything. I love Missy Elliot's new album when I'm warming up for a show. But I love anything... I love Tori Amos, I love metal. But I don't like country.

[To Ben] Have you ever had a guitar lesson?
Ben: No - I should have - I should have taken lessons. When I was 12 years old, for my birthday I got a set of guitar strings, and they said "You're gonna need lessons but it never happened."

You're on tour at the moment - what's it like?
Amy: We've been on tour since January and no end in sight. We're being pulled in many directions and it's great to be able to see the world. We're in different cities every night - almost. We're touring for a really long time - probably another year.

It's a whole new life from before when it was all about writing music, being an artist, staying relaxed and not going many places. Ben loves it... I think I prefer writing, I think I prefer making and creating things.


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