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  Daily house goss: week two
Updated 06 June 2003, 17.11
Big Brother house goss!
You can catch up with what's happening inside the Big Brother 4 house everyday, right here!

Week two

Day 15: Friday 5 June

The housemates food problems have been solved by Big Brother - kind of.

The housemates have been told they can each have either a banana, an apple or an orange every day after Tania complained.

Every time things get sensible in the house you can always rely on Jon to up the weirdness.

Once again he's back on the topic of sandwiches, explaining how he takes them out of the packet in supermarkets and tucks in before he gets to the checkouts.

But he's not taking them without paying for them, coz he gets the people at the checkouts to scan the empty packets.

It's the second eviction in the house tonight, with Justine favourite to go.

She's up against Jon, who's expected to avoid being kicked our for a second week in a row.

Day 14: Thursday 4 June

Things are quietly tense in the house at the moment.

Unfortunately, they failed last night's Cub Scout task, because Federico messed up again.

But he's the only one that knows, and so far he hasn't told anyone.

The reason is probably that Ray went absolutely mental when he realised they would only have 36.29 to spend on food.

But after Sissy and Nush calmed him down, he was back in a good mood.

He and Nush went into the diary room, and used the money to buy Champagne, wine, caviar and half a Giraffe's Lip.

Nush was on good form, and said "If you can't go for a full half giraffe lip, can you go for a quarter or an eigth?"

Ray got in trouble for putting up a Dublin flag on the wall.

First he stood on a chair and then got Steph to climb on his back so he could do it.

But Big Brother said both of those were against the rules.

Eventually he managed it by getting onto Federico's back, although BB still had a few words with him.

The housmates decided to put on another cabaret to relieve the boredom.

The boys decided on a new version of a Tom Jones number while the girls asked Big Brother for some material to help make their outfits.

Strangely Federico didn't seem interested in joining in. Perhaps he had something else on his mind...

Day 13: Wednesday 4 June

It's a big day for the BB housemates - the day they get tested on their cub Scout skills which they have been practising for the past few days.

They have bet 65% of their food budget on passing, so understandably they are feeling slightly nervous.

They are to be tested on knot tying, the history of the Scouts, the motto and camping skills! And they find out whether they have successfully paraded on demand too.

There was some concern Scout leader Gos made a mistake when they went on parade a couple of days ago. They had to rush to get to parade in their Scout gear whenever BB blew a whistle.

The gals have been preparing by putting on a bit of glamorous make-up (not very Scout-like!). But we imagine they will be eager to get out of those fetching green jumpers.

Meanwhile, they have also been busying themselves for their cabaret. They have decided to perform various acts, just for the fun of it - nothing to do with BB at all!

Jon has been practising his Shakespeare sonnet he will be performing from the tragedy Romeo and Juliet.

But will he be in his own tragedy come Friday when the public have their say on who's evicted?!

It seems BB boredom is rubbing off on non-human BB housemates too.

The BB goldfish have been seen trying to bite chunks out of each other! The smallest one was the victim of the vicious attacks and BB told the housemates to bring the poor dying fish to them.

Maybe they just got bored listening to Jon's sonnet?

Let's just hope the housemates don't lose the task - Gos might start getting fishy recipe ideas!

What's more, Parsley and Killer, two of the chickens have been taken ill. They'll be fine though - they just need a rest away from the housemates!

Day 12: Tuesday 3 June

Tensions in the usually matey house were rising in the run-up to the results of the second nominations being announced.

It turned out that Jon and Justine are up for the chop.

Jon was not surprised to hear had been nominated again, but Justine looked quite upset.

Earlier in the day, the housemates had been tying themselves up in knots practicing their second part of the cub Scout task.

On Wednesday, they will be tested on what they have learned. Jon took control as Scout Leader and showed Gos "the ropes".

But a simple reef knot seems to have foxed Gos who just couldn't get the hang of it until his fifth attempt.

The boys have been gossiping about the girl eating too much of their precious food and the girls have been gossiping about certain male housemates.

Last night, Steph and Justine had a good old chat about Fed and Jon who have been getting on their nerves bit.

Justine reckons Jon is "sexist" while Steph admitted she has always found Fed "difficult".

He even talked about killing a chicken yesterday!

Day 11: Monday 2 June

Only a few hours into the BB cub Scouts task, a couple of the housemates are worried they have already failed it!

The housemates have to go on parade whenever BB says so. They are give two minutes to dress in their jumpers, scarves with woggles and get to the garden for the parade.

Cameron is concerned they are doing the hand salute right and Jon - during one of his many diary room visits - is convinced they have failed.

But the rest are still busy remembering each other's jungle book names which they have been given as part of the task.

And it's nomination day today which means their minds might be on the job!

Sissy has already been in tears this morning saying she can't handle it.

Maybe she'll keep her mind off things with the books BB has promised them to stop them getting bored.

Cameron has chosen the bible, while Jon was opted for The Complete Works Of Shakespeare!

Day 10: Sunday 1 June

Federico and Justine stayed up dead late and gossiped about Jon. Fed reckons Jon's just being himself, but Justine can't figure him out and thinks he's a bit strange.

Over breakfast Jon was talking about inventing a toaster that would keep the second slice of toast warm while you're spreading butter on the first. Hmmm interesting!

Wonder if Jon's going to be nominated again this week?

Fed's still in bed at 1.30pm - and Jon's not best pleased coz he reckons the lazy fella's not doing enough to help around the house. Things aren't quite as chummy today in the BB house!

The next has been revealed to the housemates - they're going to have to be Scouts.

Big Brother has told them they'll have to get into uniforms within two minutes at any time for a parade, as well as learn lots of things about camping.

But after failing last week's task they don't seem to have learned a lot, choosing to gamble 65% of their food budget on success!

Day 9: Saturday 31 May

The remaining 11 housemates seem to be in shock after Anouska was the first to leave the house on Friday night - even though half of them nominated her!

Tania and Nush have been busy cooking pancakes for brekkie. They obviously need their energy to cope with yet another day of sunbathing!!

Mysterious white markings turned up on the lawn this morning.

No they're not crop circles, but apparently there'll be a tug-of-war contest as tonight's live task.

The reward is expected to shake things up a bit in the house - about time too!

The housemates are already dreading making a fresh round of nominations on Monday.

They're just too chummy with each other to be horrible about anyone.

"I don't want anyone to be evicted," moaned Tania.

Not really the spirit of the game...

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