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  Daily house goss: week one
Updated 02 June 2003, 08.20
Big Brother house goss!
You can catch up with what's happening inside the Big Brother 4 house everyday, right here!

Week one

Day 8: Friday 30 May

Last night was full of fun and games for the housemates. They played every game under the sun, like charades, Chinese Whispers and Blind Man's Bluff.

But the fun ended suddenly when it was Nush's turn to be blind folded. She was crawling around on all-fours when she smashed into one of the metal stools.


The poor lass had chipped her front tooth in the process and was very upset!

But BB are getting a dentist for her to fix it.

The morning was spent - yes you guessed it - sunning themselves in the garden.

But they are trying to keep their minds off evictions tonight by talking about everything else but including, egg laying, languages and accents.

The housemates have finally clicked that Cameron has a slight Welsh tinge to his!

Day 7: Thursday 29 May

The housemates are enjoying yet another fine day of sunbathing and chat in the BB house. They weren't too bleary-eyed this morning because they didn't go too mad last night for Steph's birthday.

The morning was spent hand washing their smalls, staring at the chickens, and chatting about fave chip sauces!

Cameron confused Anouska when he told her the shortest plane journey in the world is up in the islands of Orkney.

Apparently it takes just half a minute from one island to another. Anouska wondered whether that meant you still got a coffee and a cake on the flight.

The group laughed at her.

But they had better watch out - that sun is HOT! And with the milk-bottled skin of Sissy, Scott and Cam, there may be a few sore bods tonight!

The chicks are panting a bit too. Jon and Nush have become the official fowl tenders and have been a bit concerned about them after one tried to escape.

The housemates have something else to worry about too. With so little cash to spend on their shopping they have had to cut out toilet roll! Yikes!

The first eviction is only a day away now but there aren't really any signs of nerves amongst the nominated four.

They seemed far too laid back in fact! It must be the weather.

They seem more interested in talking about their fave food and what they are most looking forward to eating when they leave - like lettuce and caper sandwiches? Hmmmm...

Day 6: Wednesday 28 May

Today is Steph's birthday, so Gos and Anouska spend all morning baking a chocolate cake for her.

The housemates get together to sing to Steph and give her a big hug to say happy birthday.

Most of the day's then spent sunbathing, and chilling outside, because the weather's so fab.

But oh dear! - while doing the task yesterday, Federico got out for a few seconds to grab some chewing gum, which is strictly against the rules.

When the housemates are told they've failed the task, Federico admits his mistake and offers to go without drink next week.

It means that they'll have hardly any money to buy food next week.

Sounds like they'll be going hungry....

Talk turned to romantic things and Fed admitted he couldn't see Anouska as anything but a mate. Scott disagreed - it sounds like he fancies her!

Scott also revealed he has never been out with anyone older than he is and Ray admitted he always treats his ladies to dinner on the first date.

As evening came, Steph's party was in full swing.

Champagne flowed and Gos suggested a toast to whoever is booted out on Friday - bless.

Day 5: Tuesday 27 May

Yep, the peddling continued through the day...

But to keep themselves amused through the chore there was a lot of chatting and mucking about going on.

Big Brother gave the housemates blindfolds to help them sleep easier after they'd been up all night peddling.

But Gos, Ray, Cameron and Steph decided to use them to play blindfolded piggy-back races.

It all ended in a big bundle on the floor as they all fell over.

And Nush came up with an elaborate alphabet game which ended in her making bizarre like noises and pretending to be a giraffe.

Somehow the housemates managed to keep up the peddling on the pedalo throughout the night as well...

And there was loads of random chit-chat to keep them awake.

Topics included who's the funniest female in the house, fave cool films and what they would and wouldn't do for a million pounds.

Poor old Sissy had other things to worry about. The fair-skinned lass is badly sunburned after just a few minutes in the sun yesterday.

Gos made a bit of a blunder when he and some of the other housemates were discussing their first impressions of each other when they came into BB.

He said Federico looked like a "poser", but then announced he thought Jon was a "computer nerd" just as he walked into the room.

Jon looked really angry and refused to even look at Gos.

Wonder what'll happen there then?

Day 4: Monday 26 May

The housemates are pedalling their way through day 2 of their first challenge - pedalling a pedalo for 72 hours non-stop! Half their shopping budget depends on them completing it so they best keep it up!

When they get a chance the rest of the housemates are donning their shades and lapping up the rays in the back garden.

Cameron's really caught the sun and has even got sunburn knee caps!

Big Brother is demanding the return of the luxury suitcases. But apparently one of the housemates hasn't given theirs back - wonder who it is and why they're keeping it!

One of the housemates is already thinking about leaving! Jon, who's up for nomination reckons it'll be him that leaves this weekend.

He told Justine that he thinks the public will see him as too straight laced. Lighten up Jon!

Day 3: Sunday 25 May

Sunday started with a yoga workout with Nush, then a nice brekkie of scrambled eggs - good on you chickens!

They were in for a surprise in the afternoon though when Big Brother set their first weekly task - peddling a pedalo boat thing non-stop for 72 hours!

There has to be two people pedalling at any one time and they must go at least 60 revolutions per minute.


Justine was finding it a bit hard and most opted for a dip after their sweaty efforts.

Meanwhile the housemates are starting to open up more. Cameron is worried he is going to be seen as a nag and boring - awww bless his cotton socks.

The night before had been fairly quiet. The girls chatted in their room while the boys gossiped outside around the pool.

When Cameron went to get something from the bedroom, he realised the girls were not just innocently chatting. They had sneakily swapped bedside tables around to try and confuse the boys.

They pretended they hadn't noticed and instead plotted a dastardly plan to get them back on Wednesday during Steph's birthday.

Their dirty tricks plan include putting cling film across the toilet and leaving a stinky fish in their bedroom! Euurrgghhh!

Day 2: Saturday 24 May

After a long, long night getting to know each other and wrecking the furniture - a group sat on the diary room chair and broke it! - the housemates have woken up to a lovely sunny day.

And they are still getting over the shock of nominations! They thought they wouldn't have to do that until next week.

But BB is always full of surprises.

Anouska, 20, had the most nominations. Federico, Gos, Jon, Justine, Scott and Sissy all chose her because of her age and because she's loud.

They didn't sleep in too long as there was a bit of a scramble for the shower! The hot water is only turned on for a short time everyday, so they were desperate to avoided having a freezing wash.

The girls hogged the bathroom though as they pampered and chatted away as if they had known each other for years.

For lunch, chef Gos cooked up a treat and impressed the gals with his skills.

And they even managed to complete their very first shopping list! There was a bit of argument over what type of cheese they should choose, but they sorted it out.

Another discussion which kept them busy during the day was about the chickens - which they have named. They spend some time deciding which was the fittest chick.

Wonder if there will be any other "fit chick" conversations coming our way??!

Day 1: Friday 23 May

The 12 contestants arrive in the BB house.

Pretty Anouska is the first to be let in. The glam 20-year-old looked bewildered to be wandering around on her own.

But that soon changed when the lads started to arrive. She quickly met Cameron and Federico.

Soon all 12 were in the house.

They all chatted and cracked open the bubbly to celebrate the start of their 10 weeks under the camera.

But Big Brother's first surprise was just around the corner.

The housemates had to nominate one person each for eviction on their first night!

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