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  Jon's twin brother spills the beans
Updated 29 May 2003, 18.51
Jon Tickle, or is it his brother Phil?
Big Brother Jon's twin, Phil has wasted no time in chatting to the BBC, ready to spill the beans about his brother.

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BBC: When did you find out that your brother Jon was on Big Brother?

Phil: Jon's been doing the auditions for Big Brother for about six months and they go through a whole batch of interviews, regional heats, local heats and a whole host of psychiatric interviews and medical examinations.

So at each stage he would ring and say "I've got through to another stage". But in terms of actually knowing who's in the house, it's three weeks, and it's been such a hard secret to keep.

BBC: How did you know that Jon had applied for Big Brother - what made him do it?

Phil: Jon was dared. Somebody said to him that he would never get on Big Brother. He can't resist a challenge.

BBC: So what was your family's reaction once you knew he was going to be on the show?

Phil: We're thrilled for him, and the whole family is really supportive. We just want him to do the best that he can.

BBC: Jon has been nominated for eviction along with three other house mates. Does that worry you?

Phil: Not unduly. I'm in a win, win situation really. If he does come out this week, I get my twin back. If he stays in the house, he's going to grow the longer he's in the house. He's actually a real party animal. He will really make the house a fun place to be.

BBC: He seems a bit quiet at the moment, is that what he's normally like?

Phil: As the week progresses he's coming more and more out of his shell. At work he's a manager, and he's trained at work to allow other people to have their say and at home he was brought up to be kind and caring and he just didn't want to be stamping himself on the show. I don't think he wants to be the big focus and he's certainly not shy.

BBC: At the start, Jon said he was from London even though he's from Norwich.

Phil: He was born in Norwich. He absolutely loves Norwich and Norfolk, but he lives and works in London. I guess when someone asks you where you live, then you say the place where you're currently living. Our family's still based in Norfolk and we love it round here - it's a fantastic place to live.

BBC: Is there one memory that stands out from your time together at school?

Phil: School was great. Our dad, Dr Tickle was head of the maths department so we always had to remember to do our homework because otherwise we were in trouble at school and in trouble at home as well.

BBC: Tell us about the animals you used to have as youngsters?

Phil: We had two goats and some rabbits! Mum and dad were always keen that we'd grow up knowing how to look after animals and we also grew a lot of our own vegetables - organic stuff. I think Jon's going to be Big Brother chicken manager!

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