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  S Club storm out of TV interview
Updated 23 May 2003, 09.01
S Club
S Club have walked out of a TV interview over questions about their money.

Bradley, John, Hannah and Jo were talking to BBC entertainment programme, Liquid News.

Bradley and Hannah

But when the interviewer asked if they were happy with the amount of dosh they'd made compared to manager Simon Fuller things took a turn for the worst.

They were interrupted by a band official who burst into the studio and demanded the interview be stopped.

After their split last month, rumours came out that they had not earned as much money as people thought they have.


Some say each member only made 500,000 in their four years of success.

This is what happened in the interview:

Interviewer: Let's talk cash. Mr Simon Fuller. Don't look at me like you are angry. He's got 90 million in the bank.

Jo: How much? 90 million now? It was 50 last week.

Bradley: I thought 130.

Interviewer: It is 90. There are rumours that you are grumpy because you have not made a mint.

John: No that's not true.

Bradley: I'd love to have a mint for my breath.

Jo: I think we are all really, really lucky to be where we are today at our age and to have the bank balances that we do have.

It was at this point the band's representative came in and said:

"Can you not talk about that please? I am not having that question asked. I tried to stop the interview; I've had to walk in here. We're going."

The band then decided to leave, saying that in five years this was the first time this had happened.

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