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  Location report from Harry Potter 3 filming
Updated 05 March 2003, 11.47
The Knight Bus features in the third Potter film
By Tim Levell
CBBC Newsround on the Harry Potter set

CBBC Newsround can report that the third Harry Potter movie is making good progress, after we spent a couple of hours watching location filming.

Some of the key opening shots were completed over the weekend in London's Borough Market.

They show Harry being dropped off outside the Leaky Cauldron, having arrived there on the three-storey purple Knight Bus.

This allows him to enter Diagon Alley, and kick-starts the third round of his adventures.

Filming at snail's pace

The filming happened between 5pm and midnight, and crucial characters on location included Harry, Tom the innkeeper, and the bus crew.

The first shot of Stan Shunpike
The first shot of Stan Shunpike
But, as our exclusive pictures show, a lot of the set and equipment was left around during the day, including the Knight Bus and the Leaky Cauldron's sign.

In the evening, filming went at the snail's pace which film-makers are used to, but which members of the public who'd gathered there found eye-opening.

Each shot took probably half an hour, by the time the lights had been put in position, the set cleared and the cameras got ready.

Harry dropped off

We saw close-ups of the driver and the conductor (whose costume we can reveal).

But by far the most dramatic bit was when the bus was driven off from the Leaky Cauldron, having dropped off Harry.

The driver must be a bit of a speed demon, because he sped off from the pub and flung the bus precariously round the corner.

Public were close

The filming was actually carried out by the second unit, directed by Peter Macdonald.

Filming took place in London's Borough Market
This unit normally looks after shots that take a lot of time to set up but which don't have much dialogue.

That's probably why members of the public were allowed so unusually close!

The main filming is happening with the actors at Leavesden Studios, under the watchful eye of director Alfonso Cuaron.

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