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  Top TV role for 12-year-old Georgina
Updated 01 January 2003, 18.41

Georgina Terry will be the envy of many young actresses on New Year's Day when she plays the main role in TV's Pollyanna.

Georgina, 12, had hardly any acting experience when she was cast in the two-hour film.

She plays an orphan called Pollyanna who goes to live with her bossy aunt. Pollyanna is a happy person and cheers up the local people. Then a terrible accident happens.

The film is based on a children's book which came out in 1913. It was the Harry Potter of its day.

"It was an amazing experience," said Georgina, who lives in north London. "I had only done one advert before."

She had to wear loads of old-fashioned outfits for the filming. "They weren't itchy. I got to keep one of the dresses," she said.

In one scene, Georgina had to clamber down the side of a house from an attic window.

"That was lots of fun. I had to wear a harness," said Georgina. She's a sporty person (she plays tennis, lacrosse and netball) so she didn't find the stunt too difficult.

Georgina went through five auditions before she got the part of Pollyanna, but she said she wasn't too nervous.

She thinks some people have got the wrong idea about the character of Pollyanna: "They think she is sickly sweet, but she hasn't had an easy life."

Georgina said her friends are "really excited" about seeing her on TV and they had a giggle when a book of Pollyanna turned up in their school library with her picture on the cover.

But Georgina, who likes J-Lo, Ms Dynamite and eating chocolate, is not sure if she's going to be actress when she grows up.

"I'd like to go to university and decide what I want to do from there," she said.

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